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October 23, 2017

Ethereal Dutch Halo Braid


Ethereal Dutch Halo Braid

You gave her a gorgeous cut and color, and now her appointment time is almost up…but you still want to send her home with an Insta-worthy style! You. Got. This. Annette Waligora (@annette_updo_artist) created this halo braid in less than 10 minutes—so with a little practice, you can too. Here’s how.


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  • 1

    Prep the hair by curling with the Hot Tools CURLBAR™.  Then, apply a dry texture spray or Design.ME Puff.ME for extra grit.

  • 2

    Starting right behind the ear, take three, 1-inch horizontal sections and start a Dutch braid, wrapping toward the front of the head.

  • 3

    Continue Dutch braiding all the way around the head—wrapping along the forehead, then the opposite parietal ridge, then the occipital—until you reach the starting point of your braid. Annette left a few pieces out in the front for an undone, ethereal vibe.

  • 4

    Once you reach the other side, slowly fan out the braid, pinching and pulling (pancaking) random pieces to give it volume.

  • 5

    Secure the braid with an elastic, then roll the end under and pin to connect with where the braid started. Make sure not to open your bobby pins—simply slide them in.

  • 6

    Randomly place pins throughout braid, pancaking as you go.

    Tip: If you find yourself with rogue strands that pop out of the braid, open up a bobby pin, wrap the strand around the pin and tuck inside the updo. Watch how it’s done!

  • 7

    Finish with Matrix Biolage Styling Thermal Active Setting Spray.

  • 8

    Finished look. 

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