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Last updated: November 25, 2020

Quick Upstyling Tricks To Start Using ASAP

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Quick Upstyling Tricks To Start Using ASAP

Spring is here and that means a hustle and bustle of bridal and event clients coming in with their favorite pics for inspo! To make updo appointments seamless and stress-free, we had BTC Team Member Annette Waligora (@annette_updo_artist) stop by The BTC House to share her styling shortcuts for quicker appointments (seriously, she did three upstyles in 90 minutes!) and satisfied clients. Scroll for Annette’s best tips and click here to purchase her entire class on BTC University.


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Quick Tricks for Volume and Texture

If a style needs a little extra drama or if a client wants something fuller, try these two tricks for creating instant texture and volume.


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  • Alter a classic three-strand braid: Create a classic three-strand braid at the base, then gently pull the braid apart slightly so its not so uniform. Hold the braid in your right hand between your thumb and index finger, and grab a small piece of hair from the tail of the braid with your left fingers. Gently pull the braid up to the base of the client’s head while still holding the piece of hair in your left hand. Twist and pin the cinched braid to secure and conceal remaining the hair with bobby pins.


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  • Bubble Ponys: Bubble ponytails are a great styling technique to use with clients that have a lot of hair and also for clients that have a lot of layers. Use elastics to create multiple ponytails in a single section. Pull the small sections within the ponytail to create a “bubble” shape. Then, twist the completed bubble ponytail up into the upstyle for added volume and texture.


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Bobby Pin Secrets

Make sure bobby pins don’t slip with these three pin tricks:

  • With a look that is effortless and movable, slide the bobby pins into the hair instead of opening and placing. Sliding pins into place keeps the hair workable without disrupting the style. 


  • If a section needs to be tight and secure, Annette suggests crisscrossing bobby pins to ensure they stay in place. Try to crisscross the pins towards the top, allowing the majority of the hair to be held underneath the crisscross.


  • If there are small hairs that stick out at the hairline at the nape, open a bobby pin and place the hair inside. Then, twist the remaining hair around the bobby and slide the bobby pin into the rest of the style. This technique will keep the strands from falling out during the client’s event.


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Braids for Creative Color

If a bride has creative or fashion colors, style with braids and curls to accentuate depth and dimension. Place a small ponytail at the crown of the head and secure with an elastic. Create a three-strand dutch braid starting at the temple. Move your body while weaving to allow the braid to move easily around the crown. To secure, slide bobby pins wherever there is a cross in the braid to anchor into the ponytail. 


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