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June 28, 2016

Intricate Side Braid


Intricate Side Braid

Summer is all about those playful hairstyles that can stand up to the heat. This gorgeous side braid is just what you need! The fab Stephanie Brinkerhoff, a ghd Ambassador and BTC’s updo guru, shows us how to create this look.




  • 1

    Begin by curling all of the hair loosely with the ghd Curve Soft Curl Iron. You don’t have to be specific about how big the sections are or which way you curl.

  • 2

    Once the hair is loosely curled, run your fingers and some spray wax through the ends to give it a textured feel.

  • 3

    Section out the hair above the ears and clip it aside for later. Behind the left ear, grab a small piece of hair right along the hairline and combine it with another piece of hair behind the right ear. Put the two pieces together in an elastic behind the right ear.

  • 4

    Flip the ponytail inside out, going over and through the base, creating a “topsy tail.”

  • 5

    Use your fingers to pull on sections of the hair at the base to loosen and soften them, making them wider and hiding the elastic.

  • 6

    Repeat the same process, working down the right side until all of the hair has been used in the elastic braid.

  • 7

    Loop up a small section of the end of the braid to make the end fuller and messier.

  • 8

    Release the top half of the hair and use the crown section to create a French fishtail braid. Use your fingers to pull on sections of the braid to soften and widen it.

  • 9

    Now you are going to weave the French fishtail braid through the elastic braid, connecting the two braids together. Create a small hole with your fingers near the top of the elastic braid and pull the fishtail braid through it.

  • 10

    Repeat this process a few more times (depending on the hair length), going back and forth and weaving the two braids together.

  • 11

    Let down the two side sections and create two soft French braids that start at the part and meet together in the center back.

  • 12

    Combine both braids together and create one braid going down the back.

  • 13

    Heavily loosen the braid, almost to the point where it loses its shape and looks more like twisted loops.

  • 14

    Scrunch the loose braid up to the scalp and secure it with bobby pins.

  • 15

    Finished look. 

  • 16

    Finished look. 

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