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Last updated: October 10, 2022

Elegant Edge from Goldwell

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Elegant Edge from Goldwell

The theme for the 2015 Goldwell Color Zoom Challenge is Traditional Rebels, meaning the submissions they receive will be far from conventional! Each entry for the Global Zoom Challenge should formulate colors and styles that fall into three categories—Elegant Edge, Style Clash or Reinvented Tribal. For this step-by-step, Goldwell presents a look from Elegant Edge.

For Traditional Rebels, Goldwell wants stylists to think of something they know very well. Then, take all that knowledge and throw it away and rebuild that idea. Now do you see it in different light? This is what Goldwell did with this Reconstructed Paprika, Berry & Midnight Layered Bob. The color is a full bandeau (sectioned and painted around the crown, as though an invisible hair band is around the head) with disconnected layers that show off the geometry of the cut and color.  


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    Starting Level: 6 (6NA Regrowth, 6B Mid-Lengths to Ends)

    Lighten bandeau to Level 10: 35 mL SilkLift Strong Conditioning Cream 6% 20-volume developer + 1 scoop High Performance Lightener + 3 pumps Intensive Conditioning Serum Concentrate

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    Color Formulas:
    Background Paprika (deep purple): 40ml NECTAYA 6% 20-volume developer + 15ml 4BV + 25 mL 6K
    Midnight (dark blue): 40ml Elumen Bl@all + 10ml AN@5
    Paprika (orange): 40ml Elumen KB@7 + 5ml KK@all + 10ml GK@all
    Berry (purple): 5ml Elumen AN@5 + 5ml Pk@all + 25ml VV@all

    The technique showcases the geometric elements as well as gives the interior texture a harmonious contrast. The background of a dark Paprika with a disruptive combination of Berry and light Paprika flirts with a touch of Midnight. This kind of blue is the deepest shade of Midnight.

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    Take the classic bob and reconstruct it with interior layering. This was executed by disconnecting a band section on top and cutting concave layers in underneath.

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    Apply StyleSign Hot Form through the hair. Blow dry the hair on top with a flat side parting using a brush. The texture here has been created using a curling iron and small tongs. Each strand was pinned into shape, then left to cool down.

    Afterwards it was brushed out to give the look around shape with an explosion of texture at the front and back. Finish the look with the StyleSign Unlimitor to create definition and provide new volume to the form as it moves with a chaotic texture clash showing the tones of the Berry, Midnight and Paprika.

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    The disconnected section was dropped down over the under layers and personalized to create an element of surprise.