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Last updated: April 02, 2014

Color Zoom “Reallusion Scarlet Red” by Goldwell®

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Color Zoom “Reallusion Scarlet Red” by Goldwell®

Learn how to recreate this “Scarlet Red” cut and style from Goldwell®’s Color Zoom “Reallusion” collection—a surefire way to heat up any client’s look!
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Who Did It
Global Color Zoom ’14 Creative Team
Makeup: Loni Baur
Styling: Xenia Bous, Alessia Vita
Photography: Stephan Ziehen
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    Existing Shade Re-growth: 6N Mid-Lengths and ends: 6N Formula

    Formula A: Topchic®: 40 ml Lotion 6% (20 vol.) + 20 ml5BV + 10 ml P Mix+ 10 ml VV Mix
    Formula B: Topchic®: 40 ml Lotion 9% (30 vol.) + 20 ml 7RR MAX+ 10 ml 5R + 10 rnl RR Mix
    Formula C: Topchic®: 30 ml Lot1on 6% (20 vol.) + 10 ml6RR MAX+ 10ml5R+10ml6K

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    Section the hair. In Section 1: Alternate between formula A and B, taking micro weaves, then apply formula B in fine slices.

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    In Section 2: Alternate between formula A and B taking, micro weaves, then alternate between formula B and C, taking fine slices.
    In Section 3: Apply formula C as background color.

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    Observe the processing times, then rinse. Treat with products from the Dualsenses® Color Segment. Finish the color service with a Dualsenses® Serum.

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    Styling with StyleSign® products: Apply Hot Form® Heat Styling lotion throughout the hair and blow dry. Then apply Sleek Perfection Thermal Spray® and shape the style using a flat iron. Finish this brilliant styling with Diamond Gloss® Shine Spray.

    See the entire “Reallusion” Collection!

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