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November 1, 2016

How-To: Color Zoom’s Deep Twilight

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Color Zoom is, in a few words or less, completely life changing. Every year stylists are asked to create their own imaginative interpretation of Goldwell‘s hair fashion collection for a chance to win a place on the Goldwell Color Zoom Creative Team, and every year we see incredible results. This year was definitely no different, from the location to the finalists to the work that was created—Color Zoom was on fire.


Taking place in Stockholm, 3,000 stylists cheered on 94 national finalists from 37 different countries while they simultaneously live competed in three different categories: Partner, New Talent and Creative. The USA’s own Daniel Rubin, from the Trio Salon in Chicago, took the top award in the Partner Category of the competition, featuring color creations designed by stylists who have worked for Goldwell for the past two years. He also walked away with the Stylists’ Favorite Award. The other Gold Winners were: Sardis Airapsetian from Russia in the New Talent Category and Larissa Bresnahan from Australia in the Creative Category.



As always, in addition to the competition, Color Zoom’s 2017 Hair Fashion Collection, IN-FLUX, was revealed at the event. Inspired by dark, iridescent colors, the 2015 U.S. Color Zoom Creative Team combined seamless and fluid shapes to create the 2017 IN-FLUX Collection. We have the collection inspiration video, the color, cut and style how-to, plus a look at the entire collection. Check it all out below!

Colorist: Daniel Rubin
Manufacturer: Goldwell, @goldwellus




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    Apply Formula A to new growth. Let process, then rinse, shampoo and treat with Dualsenses Care.

  • 2

    Apply Dualsense Structure Equalizer on damp hair, then apply Formula B all over at the shampoo bowl. Process for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse.

  • 3

    Apply Elumen Prepare and blow-dry the hair completely.

  • 4

    Apply Formula C to the root area, contouring around the hairline to produce a slate grey root shading effect.

  • 5

    Create three triangular sections originating at the apex and extending to just behind the hairline in front and to the occipital on each side. Then Subdivide the triangular sections into vertical subsections.

  • 6

    Using a hand-painting technique on the first subsection, begin at the apex and apply Formula E, then Formula D, then Formula F, then Formula C in a creative way.

  • 7

    On the next subsection, melt Formula F, then Formula E, then Formula D.

  • 8

    On the next subsection melt Formula D, then Formula F, then Formula E.

  • 9

    On the next subsection, the entire slice is Formula C.

  • 10

    Repeat the pattern twice more to complete the section and repeat on the other triangles.

  • 11

    Apply Formula D to all remaining strands and let process. Then rinse, shampoo, treat with Elumen Care and finalize the color process with Elumen Look.


    Pro Tip: Use intuitive and creative hand painting techniques to apply the iridescent colors. You can integrate more extensive or wispy iridescent effects by seamlessly blending the colors or positioning them beside each other.

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    Transitioning from short to long
    This look showcases a midlength cut with a convex nape and a long triangle fringe for strong definition. Here’s how to make it happen.  

    Work parallel to the head shape and cut internal layers on the sides and at the top.

  • 13

     Blunt-cut the fringe from the longest to the shortest point at the outlines and from the shortest point to the longest point inside the fringe.

  • 14

    Then, slice-cut to reduce volume and give the cut different lengths.

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    Personalize the finished cut with a deep point-cut to create a fluid softness in the hair.

  • 16

    To style this cut, apply StyleSign Naturally Full and blow-dry the hair into desired shape over a large round brush without building volume at the roots.

  • 17

    Then, to showcase the shape of the fringe, sweep back strands of hair and set hair into place. Then fix with StyleSign Big Finish.

  • Check out the entire IN-FLUX Collection!

    Want to watch the color zoom technique in 3D? With the Goldwell Color Zoom App you can discover the Goldwell technique in an augmented reality, it’s a cutting-edge technology that shows the 3D models in a futuristic 360° view! Learn more here!