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Last updated: March 17, 2017

Violet and Fire Color and Cut from Goldwell FasciNature

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Violet and Fire Color and Cut from Goldwell FasciNature

This lively multi-color look from Goldwell’s new FasciNature collection features a refined violet-ash base and an explosion of fiery color in the fringe area. The color perfectly complements the modern undercut, which provides limitless styling opportunities. For the color technique, the Color Zoom Creative Team developed “The Butterfly Effect”—a color placement inspired by the shape of butterfly wings.

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    Existing Shade: 5N

    Placements: 1 wing in front

    35ml SilkLift Conditioning Cream Developer 9% (30 vol) + 1 measuring spoon SilkLift High Performance Lightener gentle + 1 tube SilkLift Intensive Conditioning Serum

    2. 40ml Topchic Lotion 6% (20 vol) + 40ml Topchic 5VA

    3. 30ml Elumen BR@6 + 10ml Elumjen RR@all

    4. 10ml Elumen BG@8 + 10ml Elumen KB@7

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    1. Lighten winged section with Formula 1.

    2. Apply Formula 2 as a base color, omitting the wing section.

    3. On completion of the processing times, rinse, shampoo and treat hair with Colorglow IQ. Dry the hair.

    4. Treat lightened winged section with Elumen Prepare, then dry.

    5. Apply Formulas 3 and 4 in back-to-back slices within the winged section as shown.

    6. On completion of the processing times, rinse and shampoo with Elumen Wash. Apply Elumen Lock, leave on for 5 minutes and rinse. Treat with Elumen Treat or Elumen Care if necessary.

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    1. Section the sides and nape above the hatline from the crown.

    2. Create for subsections at the crown: the fringe and the front right side form one section; the left side another and two sections at the back complete the subsections.

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    Determine the undercut length at the sides and nape. Starting at the nape, evenly graduate the length towards the sides.

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    Determine the length at the back. Create V-shaped sections combing the hair vertical and establish the length running parallel to the sections. The length at the sides should cover half of the ear.

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    Determine the length on the right. Combing the hair in a vertical direction, establish a descending line from the length at the ear towards the mouth. The sides and fringe are treated as one section.

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    Determine the length on the left. Combing the hair in a vertical direction, connect the length from ear to ear.

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