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Last updated: February 11, 2019

Kylie Jenner’s Soft, Textured Updo

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Instagram via @makeupbyariel

“My goal for any carpet look is to always compliment the outfit,” says celeb stylist César DeLeön Ramirêz (@cesar4styles). And that’s exactly what he achieved when he created this soft, textured updo that paired perfectly with Kylie Jenner’s pastel pink Balmain jumpsuit at the 2019 Grammy Awards. Keep scrolling to learn how you can recreate this red carpet-worthy style for your clients!


Inspiration: “The hair should always complete the picture, not over power it,” he shares. “Since Kylie was wearing couture Balmain, I felt that something up, soft and romantic would be perfect.”


Artist: César DeLeön Ramirêz
Manufacturer: ghd, @ghd_northamerica

Products Used



Starting with dry, clean hair, spray heat protectant from the roots to the ends. Then, use the ghd curve® soft curl iron to create soft natural waves. 


Once you have the texture you want, spritz a texturizing spray at the roots to add grip and texture.


Section the hair into a deep side part and apply a small amount of conditioner throughout. Then, gently dry her hair back off of her face using the ghd air® hairdryer and your fingers.


Once it’s dry, create three sections—pin the top middle section back, then cross the left side over the middle and then the right side over both sections and pin. “This created an intricate ‘criss-crossed’ twist,” shares César.


Finish by pulling a few strands out around the face to add softness, then spray with hairspray for hold.

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Finished look // Instagram via @cesar4styles

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Finished look // Photo by Amy Sussman/FilmMagic

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