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Last updated: August 14, 2018

WATCH: Blonde Balayage + Building Volume

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Is balayage one of your most-requested salon services? We bet the answer is yes! Learn how to create a better balayage with some cool tricks (like using velcro rollers…WHAT???) by Leah Freeman (@leahfreeman1), L’ANZA Healing Haircare Global Color Director. Plus, we have some major volume-building tips from Matt Swinney (@matt.swinney), L’ANZA Global Creative Director. Leah and Matt went LIVE at the BTC House in West Hollywood! Watch both how-tos below, then watch your rebookings skyrocket!


Products Used



Watch The Video How-To Below


Click the beaker below for the formulas used on this blonde balayage!

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  • Formula A

    L’ANZA Healing Haircare Clay Decolorizer + 20-volume developer

  • Formula B

    10g L’ANZA Cream Color 7NV + 30g 100V + 5g P-Mix + L’ANZA Demi Cream Developer 


Check out this majorly voluminous look by Matt!



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