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Last updated: June 17, 2019

Quick Tips For Your Best Balayage

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What’s the most-requested technique you get in your salon? We’re betting it’s balayage. Check out this quick video from L’ANZA Healing Haircare Global Healing Color Director Leah Freeman that’s chock-full of fantastic balayage tips!



A couple of our favorite tricks:

  1. Alternate between weaving and slicing to break up the line of demarcation.
  2. Clean sections allow for more control and get really close to the retouch area.
  3. Spray down the base of the hair for each section to give the hair a little moisture before you begin.
  4. Leave the front hairline pieces out when working on the sides so you can go back later and do those by themselves—blondes always want those front pieces to be blonde, blonde, blonde and super close to the root!


Another tip from Leah to make your client’s color last even longer—the Color Attach System! The new technology in this system is the first to deliver 107 percent longer-wearing haircolor!


Watch the whole video below!


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