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Last updated: July 26, 2017

The 4 Haircuts You Need Most Right Now

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When Moroccanoil®’s teamRunway and Editorial Stylist Peter Gray, Global Ambassador Kevin Hughes and International Education Manager Violet Sainsburyappeared on the 2016 COLOR, Cut & Style stage, they had some exciting news. The finishing touches have been placed on the Moroccanoil® Academy Cutting program, and professionals can now sign up for cutting courses with Moroccanoil® Global Educators throughout 2017. And just in time! Because get ready to say goodbye to last season’s delicate little bobs and lobs. As demonstrated by the Moroccanoil® team, the trend in haircutting right now is big, bold, textured and gutsy. Here’s proof! 


Catch the Moroccanoil® team on our stage again at this year’s
COLOR, Cut & Style Aug. 20-22 in Austin, Texas! 


Mullet Revamped

Party in the back, party in the fringe, party all over with this new take on the classic, Monster Truck haircut. Crystal clear violet color with deep violet accents help the cut bring out the eyes and cheekbones. “To texturize this shape,” said Violet, “point your scissors down and slice down on the ends. Then lift the top sections and texturize with deep point-cutting.”


Modern Shag

Loads of height, tight sides and a mixture of round and square layers give this cut texture, movement and attitude. “To create this cut,” Kevin explained, “I established and then isolated the top section. Then I slide cut layers into the lengths. This seamless blending allows you to finish the look with lots of texture, but when the hair is straight, you can’t see the layers at all.”


Sleepy Long Layers

Ah this cut though. Sexy, tousled, full, gorgeous. Is there a single long-haired client who could resist? To create this cut, Violet combined round layers with deep point cutting. “The round layers on top are slightly disconnected from the lengths,” she revealed. “And I directed my scissors downward to point cut the long fringe.” This cut is super versatile, according to Violet—it can be worn parted in the center for a youthful vibe, or on the side for a more sophisticated look. “Moroccanoil® Dry Texture Spray is the secret to this texture,” she added. “Go section by section and direct it at the roots, then extend it slightly through the lengths. It’s like teasing in a can!”




Long Lazy Curls

Got curls? In this texture-loving season, curly clients are becoming inclined to wear their coils unfurled to their full glory, which means they must be supported by the right cut. To give long curls plenty of separation and shape, said Peter, use long graduation to create shape in a curly perimeter. Another tip? “When you’re styling curly hair,” Peter said, “spray your hands with dry shampoo to keep moisture out of the curls and prevent frizz.”


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