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Last updated: June 17, 2019

Long Layers: The 6-Figure Haircut

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Long-haired clients ALWAYS want to keep the length, but they also are the ones requesting that you mix it up. How do you do that? Give her this 6-Figure Haircut from L’ANZA Healing Haircare Global Creative Director Matt Swinney (@matt.swinney). He calls it the 6-Figure Cut because it’s a MONEYMAKER. “If you do this haircut, you will notice an increase in the volume of your clientele, because sometimes the best haircut is NOT to cut—it’s about creating a really good shape that can be styled multiple ways,” he said. We watched Matt create this cut LIVE on our gorgeous long-haired model Lauren, so watch him do it below, then see all the steps!


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1. Prep by washing the hair with L’ANZA Healing ColorCare Color Preserving Shampoo and Conditioner. Then, apply L’ANZA Keratin Healing Oil and Healing Style Design Foam to wet hair. 


2. Have the client stand if her hair is very long. Begin sectioning off of the client’s desired part. If she flips her part around a lot, work off a middle part. Then, create a diagonal parting from the nape to the occipital to establish a guideline.


3. Comb the hair straight down and blunt-cut directly beneath the comb, working in horizontal sections.


Pro Tip: Blunt-cutting is great for long-haired clients who need to re-establish a strong perimeter for frequent haircuts.


4. To connect the sides, comb the hair on one side down, using a section from the back as a guide. Cut directly beneath the comb.


5. To set the guideline for the face-framing layers, take a half-inch section from the hairline on either side of the part and determine how short you want the face frame to be. Avoid cutting off the corner between the back perimeter and both sides.


6. Have the client turn their head directly over the opposite shoulder of the face frame. Comb the hair straight down and cut directly beneath the comb dusting the ends.


7. Take a half-inch triangular section at the side part and point-cut the guideline at a low 45-degree angle to establish the guideline for the face frame. Then, softly slide-cut from a 1-inch diagonal subsection moving from the face frame guideline into the length. Continue combing the entire quadrant forward and slide-cutting the face frame into the length. Repeat on the other side.


8. Move on to the layers. These are concave layers (shorter around the face and longer to the back), which allows for multiple ways to style the hair. Take a 1-inch section from the center of the head going from the hairline to the crown, elevate straight up to 180 degrees and point-cut short to long.


9. Repeat, taking a 1-inch section to the right of the middle section and then to the left of the middle section, expanding the guideline to both sides of the center-radial parting.


10. Take a 1-inch vertical section at the center-back crown, elevate to 180 degrees and point-cut from short to long. Use this as a traveling guideline around the head.


11. Blow-dry, then grab random-sized sections. Using a 1 ¼-inch Marcel iron, create loose waves. Pro Tip: Start waves around the face, then move to the back. That way, the face-framing waves have time to cool and will look better and last longer.



12. Finish by spraying with L’ANZA Healing Style Dry Texture Spray and raking your hands through the waves. Pro Tip: Matt likes to style with Dry Shampoo to not only create texture, but prolong his client’s style.


Watch the full video below!


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