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Last updated: September 21, 2017

2 Nontraditional Bridal Updos from Stephanie Brinkerhoff

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BTC’s Bridal Expert Stephanie Brinkerhoff (@hairandmakeupbysteph) is one of the most sought-after bridal updo artists in the world (with over 5,000,000 Pinterest followers!)—so when she talks upstyling, we listen. We wanted to bring Steph’s exclusive bridal and upstyling tips to the BTC Community, so we went live on Facebook with Steph and Kenra Professional (over 172,000 of you tuned in!) to share two of her signature “imperfectly perfect” bridal how-tos!


Perfect for the nontraditional bride, Steph created a loose chignon and a texturized mohawk using the Kenra Grip Collection—her go-to for lightweight styling and finishing products. Check out her helpful tips AND videos below!


Watch Steph’s video below to learn tips and tricks like:

  • Always travel with your braid—walk with your braid in the direction you are taking it on the round of the head.

  • When creating a halo braid around the crown of the head, always leave some hair out of your braid. After, use that hair to cover up any holes in your braided style.

  • When pancaking your braids, make sure to hold the ends with your fingers. Instead of keeping it in an elastic, this makes it easier to stretch the braid.

  • Steph only uses bobby pins because she feels that they are easier to hide. She also never opens them up because she thinks they are only meant to hold a small amount of hair, so when you open them, you are trying to use the pins to grasp more hair than they are designed to.

 AND don’t miss these super helpful photography tips:

  • Try having the client arch their back towards you when they are facing away from you, almost like they are leaning backwards. This will make their hair look bigger and their bodies look smaller, so the focus is on their hair.
  • When taking photos, try out different angles but make sure that your photos never look like you are on top of your client.


Watch Steph demonstrate her exclusive tips in the

Facebook Live below (Part One and Two!)




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