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Last updated: May 28, 2019

7 Tips For Perfectly Imperfect Bridal Styles

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7 Tips For Perfectly Imperfect Bridal Styles

Before a bride books her consultation, you know she’s pulling all the perfectly imperfect updo inspo she can find. Can’t quite nail the balance between structured and effortless in one style? Bridal styling expert—and the unofficial queen of perfectly imperfect—Stephanie Brinkerhoff (@hairandmakeupbysteph) went live from The BTC House to share her highly-coveted techniques behind four bridal styles. Get her top seven styling tips below, then purchase the livestream for the how-tos!


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1. The Key To Taming Frizz

Lots of brushing and lots of product! But be sure to take your time with the crown area. It’ll need the most attention when smoothing because it’s the largest amount of hair that’ll be pinned at once.


2. Work With Smaller Sections

Smaller sections create more separation through the sides and give your upstyles a more sophisticated look, so drape the hair left out at the front slowly and pin at different levels into the hair padding. This will make your bridal styles look more interesting! See what Steph does in the gif below:



3. Steph’s Trick For A Long-Lasting Style

Stephanie says the secret is to create a solid interior and a softer exterior. So the base should be super stable while the pieces around the hairline can be softer.


4. What To Do With Shorter Pieces

For shorter pieces hanging out in front, just pin them lower into the base. Stephanie usually weaves them through other sections that are already secured to add more stability to her style.


5. How To Handle Long Hair

Working with longer lengths will require plenty of draping and pinning, so Stephanie pins the hair into the base and then let’s the ends hang out until the very end so she can detail them with precise placement. Like this: 



6. Does Your Client Have A Side Part?

Pin the side with more hair last. Why? It’ll give you more room when pinning and more freedom to detail the focal point of the upstyle.


7. Where To Place The Veil

For brides who are set on wearing a veil, Stephanie recommends really teasing the crown so the embellishment can sit comfortably without causing the style to fall.


Check out the stunning finished look!




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