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Last updated: September 01, 2017

Want To Keep Your Blondes Blonde and Your Upstyles Solid? Read This…

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When it comes to education, the Kenra Professional team always delivers. Onstage for their sixth time at #thebtcshowStephanie Brinkerhoff (@hairandmakeupbysteph), Laken Rose (@lakenrosehair), David Lopez (@davidlopezhair) and Cassie Siskovic (@cassielizhair) shared new color techniques and gorgeous styling tips. Check it all out below.



Keep Your Foundation Solid
BTC bridal expert @hairandmakeupbysteph says a solid foundation is EVERYTHING in creating a long-lasting upstyle and likes to keep the hair she is working with “gritty to the max.” Why? To allow the style to form the exact way she wants when she is working, and to ensure it will hold after her client leaves the chair. Silky hair is the enemy when creating an intricate upstyle!


Keep Her Bangs In Place
A funny, yet super easy trick that will always keep a bride’s bangs in place? A dot of eyelash glue! For brides who are having an outdoor wedding when it’s windy…it’s the perfect solution.



Keep Color Creative Without Compromising Hair Health
Remember you don’t always have to bleach out your canvas to have fun with fashion colors, says Laken Rose. Sometimes, you can even make colors more wearable and client-friendly without that super-pale starting base. Her go-to product for this? Kenra Sheer Tones.



Keep Your Blondes Blonde
Cassie Siskovic
uses a dimensional accenting technique for blonde clients who want something a little different but still crave a super-blonde look. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Start at the nape section with your deepest formula first, then melt into a lighter formula.
  • Move to your side sections and start with the lighter formula used in the nape section as your base formula. Then melt that into a lighter formula on the ends.
  • Then, moving to your top section, use the lighter formula from your side sections as the base formula and melt that into your lightest formula.
  • This will allow the color to cascade both vertically and horizontally.



Keep Styles On Trend
David Lopez
works with a lot of celebrities—so he knows a thing or two about what is or is not trending. Here are a few secrets he had to share:

  • Always incorporate your flat iron to enhance waves.
  • Use braids as accent pieces. 
  • Use a product cocktail of oil and hairspray to create a shiny textured look clients will love. The Kenra Platinum Revive Oil and Kenra Volume Spray 25 are his go-to. 


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