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Last updated: September 09, 2022

How To Cut Layers WITHOUT Losing Length

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4 Tips For Cutting Layers Without Removing Length

Texturized, layered styles are hot, hot, hot—but is there a way to get the look without making a big chop? Gilad Goldstein (@myguiltycrown) says there is. The method to the madness: framing layers and plenty of texture.


Keep scrolling for Gilad’s juicy techniques for creating the perfect lengthy layers.


1. Start by cutting long, eyebrow-sweeping fringe

Section out the bangs to about the corner of the eye, then create a smaller triangle within that section to make the first bang.


Pro tip: Gilad prefers to use Designer Series Phantom II 6” scissors by ARC™ Scissors for razor-sharp wet, dry, precision and slide cutting.



2. Blend the fringe into face framing layers

Blending layers plays a MASSIVE role in preserving length on the sides. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Take hair from outside the sectioned triangle and begin to frame around the face.
  • Blend the layers into the back using a finger angle. 


Click Here To Watch Gilad’s Technique In Action!


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3. Use dry-cutting to create separation in the layers

After the initial haircut is dry, it’s time to create dimension. The goal: to take vertical subsections and cut small channels within each section to separate the layers for a piecey finish. Follow these steps:

  • First, take vertical sections, working from front to back, and overdirect each of them forward. 
  • Using a pair of ARC™ Scissors Protégé Series Harmony II 6″ with the scissor half closed, cut small channels from the middle of the strands down to the ends.

The result: random separation for piecier layers.


4. Apply texture-specific products for a strong finish

Gilad opts for Kenra Professional Moisturizing Oil to smooth out the layers, as well as Kenra Professional Texturizing Taffy for enhanced separation and definition.


Check Out Gilad’s Full Texturizing Video Here!


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A post shared by Gilad | Hair Video Education (@myguiltycrown)


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