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Last updated: November 20, 2020

Problems With Open Air Balayage? Read This!

5 Tips To Perfect @lo_wheelerdavis’s Express Hair Painting Technique

Express balayage without any splotches or uneven lift? We’re here for it! Kenra Professional Brand Ambassador Lo Wheeler Davis (@lo_wheelerdavis) showed us her express balayage technique in the video above, plus her tips for cleaner application, faster lift and how to avoid splotches. Watch the video above to get her full technique, plus keep scrolling to grab the tips and check out the finished look!


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Scheduling The Appointment

When booking a client for an express balayage, Lo likes to schedule at least 3 hours for the entire appointment. It usually takes her around 15 to 20 minutes to paint the entire head, depending on how long the client’s hair is. Lo recommends scheduling more time if the client has super thick or waist-length hair. 


Avoid See-Through Sections

When foiling, super thin, see through sections are the ideal for an even lift. That’s not the case when hand painting. “If you can see through the section, it’s not thick enough for balayage,” Lo said.


Here’s What The Technique Looks Like On One Of Lo’s Client’s!


Use Film For Extra Heat

Lo doesn’t usually use film when working because she’s based in sunny California, but definitely recommends it for stylists working in colder environments to help get the heat needed to lift the hair. Especially when working on clients with Levels 5 or lower hair, the film will help speed up the process. 


Pro Tip: When in doubt, Lo will switch to foils to get the lift the client needs. Balayage isn’t the perfect solution for every client.


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Do This For A Cleaner Application

The trick to getting a cleaner application is lightener thickness, tension and simple awareness. Mixing the lightener to a thicker consistency will help avoid unwanted bleeding between sections. Make sure to hold the section tight to create a smooth surface to paint on. Plus, keep aware of where each painted section is laying to avoid the lightener bleeding through to where it shouldn’t. 



2:1 Kenra Professional Blue Powder Lightener + 30-volume developer


Surface Painting Vs. Saturation

What’s the difference between surface painting and painting for saturation? Surface painting helps achieve more lift, while saturating the hair provides more coverage and less lift.


Note: If unwanted patches or blotches appear often when surface painting the hair, Lo recommends practicing more on mannequins, not clients. 


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