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Last updated: February 07, 2022

Bridal Client Struggles? How To Book, Schedule and Handle Brides

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Bridal season is in full swing, so we asked Pinterest’s #1 bridal stylist Stephanie Brinkerhoff (@hairandmakeupbysteph) to share her expertise on everything bridal business for a stress-free wedding season. Scroll down to read her business tips for scheduling and booking clients, how to manage bridal expectations and the products she NEVER leaves home without. 


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Avoid Cancellations With A Strict Scheduling Policy

Booking a year in advance has its pros, but for Steph it opened the door for more cancellations—from her and her brides. “Something always comes up that I cannot reschedule and I have to cancel. So I have a six-month policy for booking my brides and I don’t do more than that,” she explains.


This set booking schedule also helps avoid any major changes with the bride’s hair (both color and cut!) and makes it easier to manage expectations when it comes to styling—more on that below! 


How To Schedule Consultations, Trial Runs & The Wedding Day

Let’s be clear: A LOT of planning goes into a wedding, and that includes bridal beauty. Once the client is scheduled, Steph shared how she schedules the remaining appointments:  


  • Consultations: Steph holds consultations the same day as the initial booking appointment, over the phone. “I get to know them, ask them about their hair and what kind of style/wedding they are planning,” she says. 


  • Trial Runs: One month before the bride’s big day, Steph will meet the client to go over some style ideas. She asks them to come with clean, dry hair and the exact color and cut they plan to have for their wedding, to avoid any disappointment or unexpected changes. 


  • The Wedding Day: Steph’s go-to advice for wedding day: “Give yourself MORE time than you need. Wedding days are very chaotic and people have a hard time sticking to a schedule, so I give myself an hour for the bride and about 30-45 minutes for a bridesmaid,” she explains. 


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Brides With Unrealistic Style Expectations? Honesty Is The Best Policy

Don’t automatically say no if a bride is requesting an unachievable style. Instead, be realistic about what the client can expect. For example, if a bride with fine hair is asking for a dramatic style with tons  of volume, explain that the style is possible but without extensions, it won’t be as dramatic as their inspo picture. 


“This puts styling in their hands. If I can paint a very realistic picture for them of what their hair can do, then we can do it. But that way, I kind of let myself off the hook like I am not expected to create a magic miracle and they know what exactly their end result will be,” Stephanie explains. 


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4 Products Steph ALWAYS Has In Her Kit 

You have the styling essentials: bobby pins, curling iron and elastics. But don’t stress trying to pack every single styling product. Below, Steph shared her go-to products and why she never leaves without them:  

  • Kenra Professional Volume Spray 25 Hairspray: This is a great hairspray for a workable hold. It’s strong enough to build the style but doesn’t “freeze” the hair or make it hard.  


  • Kenra Platinum Working Spray Wax: This will help you control frizz and flyaways.


  • Pomade: A lot of people don’t think to use a pomade but Steph SWEARS by it. “I always, always have a pomade. It is the best product for controlling really stubborn frizz,” she explains.


  • Dry Shampoo or a Powder: This will help add grit and hold to the roots to secure any bobby pins and make sure styles last without relying on an elastic.


Pro Tip: When it comes to a finishing shine spray, Steph’s motto is: Less is more. “You don’t want to load a finishing product and weigh down the entire style,” she explains. So apply sparingly and don’t overdo it. 


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