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Last updated: December 05, 2017

3 Summer Styles for Your Boho Bride

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As her bridal stylist, you have a big job—to help her select a style that encapsulates the vision she’s had for her wedding day since she was eight years old. And if she’s a Boho girl? It’s all about that soft, airy upstyling.She goes with the flow (flowy hair, flowy dress) and hates the status quo. A barefoot wedding in the middle of the woods? Sounds like a Boho bride!  So of course we hit up our girl Stephanie Brinkerhoff; @hairandmakeupbysteph for the 3 best Boho styles in the game! Check them out here!


All Down
Play up the whole “woodland fairy” vibe with an all-down look and embellish with floral accents! “When it comes to wearing her hair down, there are two things to take into consideration,” says Stephanie. “One: is her hair long enough, and two: is the dress simple enough. For this bride, it’s yes to both!”




1. Prep the roots with texturizing powder or a dry texture spray such as Kenra Professional Platinum Texture Powder 4 to add grip and volume.


2. Starting at the nape, loosely curl all of the hair with a 1- to 11/2-inch curling wand. Steph likes the ghd CurveTM Classic Wave Wand because it’s oval-shaped—perfect for creating deep waves instead of tight curls.


3. Micro-backcomb at the roots to add volume and texture.


4. Run your fingers through the ends and mess up the curl, spraying Kenra Professional Dry Texture Spray 6 to help build texture.


5. Gather small, random sections of hair throughout the head and secure them with small elastics. Concentrate on the center back with fewer elastics through the sides.


6. Insert small clusters of flowers through the elastics.


Loose Updo
Did your Boho client choose a dress that’s not obviously Boho? Then it’s up to you to bring out her true spirit. Sheer, lacy head scarf? Check. Loose, effortless updo? Check. Now she looks like a real Boho bride.




1. Backcomb all hair at the roots. Then loosely curl the whole head with a 1-inch curling iron. Direct the hair away from the face in the front.


2. Isolate the top and side sections from the ears forward and clip aside for later.


3. In the back, create a loose updo on the side by scrunching and bobby-pinning hair into a loose bun shape. It helps to add a medium hold spray, such as Kenra Professional Medium Spray 13, to the ends.


4. Release the top and sides and loosely incorporate them into the updo. The hair should be very flowy and relaxed, so be sure to create substantial texture in the hair before pinning. Use Kenra Professional Medium Spray 13 and Kenra Professional Volume Spray 25 to keep loose hairs in place.


5. Wrap a scarf or turban around the forehead.


The Long Braid
Is her dress so casual it’s hard to tell her apart from the other wedding guests? Then her hair has to exude bridal style! Try this look—a perfect blend of relaxed and refined.




1. Begin by prepping the hair with Kenra Professional Platinum Dry Shampoo to add grip at the roots.


2. Make a deep side part. Begin on the heavy side at the front hairline, and create a French fishtail braid that begins on the part and wraps around to the back.


3. When the braid reaches the center back, clip it aside.


4. Repeat on the opposite side, bringing a second braid around to the center back.


5. Combine both braids and add a French fishtail braid down the center back.


6. At the shoulder blades, switch to a three-strand braid.


7. Secure the end of the braid with an elastic and conceal the elastic with a section of hair.

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