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Last updated: July 18, 2018

Three Major Product Launches From The Coty House of Beauty

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Three Major Product Launches From The Coty House of Beauty

A machine that mixes bespoke conditioner, a smart straightener and a completely new haircolor molecule that now holds 20 patents—these three exciting launches are coming from Wella Professionals and ghd, and we have the deets!


There’s nothing that gets us more excited than industry innovations that have the power to change how we do hair forever—and that’s what we spotted at the Coty House of Beauty at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas during the Wella North American TrendVision Awards (click here to see who won this year’s awards!). Keep reading for info on what’s coming from Coty!


This gigantic Koleston Perfect ME+ tube shows what the redesigned packaging will look like!


Game-changing color technology: Koleston Perfect ME+

Did you know the dye molecules used in permanent haircolor haven’t changed in over 100 years? Well, until now, that is! Wella Professionals is relaunching the Koleston Perfect line with new technology, and trust—this is game-changing.


“The history of color is now changing….and the future is PPD- and PTD-free,” said Becky Godlove, director of prestige hair brands at Coty Professional Beauty. A refresher: PPD and PTD are the dye molecules in permanent haircolor, and the molecules that evoke allergic responses in some clients.


After seven years of research and over 3,000 tests, Wella has secured 20 patents on its new technology, ME+, a new molecule reduces the risk of developing a new color allergy up to 60 times less than current PPD- and PTD-based color. “We feel so strongly that we put it in Koleston Perfect, which is the anchor of our color category,” Becky said. The entire Koleston Perfect line will launch with ME+ technology in January in the U.S.


Create bespoke color care with the Color DJ.


Be your own DJ (and increase retail sales): Color DJ

Customizing take-home care is now possible with Wella’s Color DJ, a countertop machine that can create up to 60 million possible color combinations for colored conditioner. The goal of the Color DJ is to personalize a client’s conditioner with not only color to keep her hair looking fresh, but also scent and moisture level.


Here’s how it works:

  • Using an iPad, the colorist formulates the perfect shade for the client to maintain her color at-home, using sliders to determine the amount of red, yellow, green, orange, magenta and violet pigments (clear is also a possibility).
  • The client can select from three fragrances: Sicilian Bergamot, Hawaiian Orchids or Marrakesh Woods.
  • Finally, the colorist can determine whether the client needs a single, double or triple moisture shot based on hair type.
  • Once the colorist names the formula, the data is transmitted to the Color DJ machine. When the colorist is ready, they can go to the machine and select their formula.
  • The machine will dispense the custom formulation into a blank jar, then print a custom label.
  • The colorist places the labeled jar into a box for the client.  


“It’s almost like being a doctor and writing that prescription,” said Paula Rufo, Coty Professional Hair Care Research and Development Senior Manager. The idea is that a salon can sell this product at a price point slightly higher than their most high-end hair mask (it IS bespoke, which means a higher price is justified).


The pigments in the machine can be refilled just like ink cartridges in a printer, and the cost for the entire set-up is roughly the same cost as a high-end espresso machine, Paula said. Salons are testing the machine now and Coty is accepting names of interest salons to carry the machine in the future!


Watch a video of the Color DJ in action!


The first smart straightener: ghd platinum+

ghd’s top-of-the-line styler is getting smarter! Infinity sensors in plates contains software that monitors heat 250 times per second, responding to the hair and controlling heat more effectively. “It can actually sense the thickness of the hair and can actually accommodate the thickness,” said Christina McCarver, GHD Senior Education Manager. With a heat-up time of 20 seconds, this straightener remains consistently at 365 degrees Fahrenheit, what GHD says is the ideal styling temperature to keep hair healthy.


The new ghd platinum+ straightener.


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