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Last updated: February 09, 2007

Vivid ColorWorks Technicals

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Vivid ColorWorks Technicals

Learn the details, and try your hand at the stunning new looks in the Vivid ColorWorks Collection

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    To create this elegant look, the team started with her color, which was taken to a dark cool brown with a slight violet cast.  Redken Shades EQ was used to create extreme shine and rich tones, all while allowing the hair to remain damage free.

    Next Redken Clean Lift 7 (weightless volume gel) was applied all over before blow-drying with a large round brush for volume. Large sections were curled with an extra large iron to give a slight bend. Her hair was swept off to one side and secured with an elastic band down low. Hair from her front hairline was pulled back and twisted around using the ends to make a fringe in front. The bangs were (fringe was) pieced and directed to one side.  The crown area was backcombed for added volume then brushed into the rest of her look to create the seamless illusion that she had more hair. The end result is a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” refinement with thoroughly modern color.

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    To create this Bridgette Bardot (or 60’s Sex Kitten) inspired look, the team started with her existing light blonde highlighted color. This look was a major color conversion, requiring a mega-dose of Redken strengthening and protective treatments, which were used to maintain long lasting richness.  The final result was produced by using a combination of different red and copper tones.  The foundation color is a rich (level 5) copper with a sprinkle of (level 6) lighter copper orange, and peaking out from underneath a deep (level 4) red brown. 

    To style, Redken Clear Moisture Instant Polishing Prep (leave in cutting and detangling lotion) was layered with the new Redken Crystal Curls, all the way through before blow-drying with a large round brush for volume. Once the hair was blown dry, a 1.5-inch extra large iron was used to loosely spiral curl medium sized sections.  When the entire head was done, the hair was lightly brushed through the ends to maintain the softness. The front was pinned back and the pins were hidden by creating a “head band” made from her natural hair.  The crown was backcombed for height, and then Redken Forceful 23 (super strength finishing spray) was used to finish.

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    This look started by creating a very light golden blonde base color with extremely light blonde highlights.  The objective with the color was to create a mega-blonde result that was not entirely one solid color. 

    For the cut, the team created an extreme A-line shape with a shorter back and severe depths in front, which were all done as an over-exaggerated razor cut. To style, Redken Satin Wear and Guts are blended together and worked in all over on towel-dried hair. After blow-drying with a paddle brush and flat wrapping the hair to the shape of the head, the hair was pieced as needed and finished with Redken Outshine 1 (anti-frizz polishing milk) over the surface.

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    Starting with a dark neutral chocolate brown hue, this mid length style is a fresh twist on a sexy shape and with a strong emphasis on the volume. The color was done by layering tones of warm and cool brown into the hair in a unique fashion and shadowing the scalp area with an even darker cool brown.  All colors were Redken Shades EQ, a no ammonia haircolor that infuses endless shine onto the hair. 

    To style, Redken Hot Sets 22 (thermal setting mist) and Smooth Down Heat Glide (protective smoother) were applied on dry sections, then the hair was set on extra large hot rollers. Once the rollers cooled, each roller was undone and then each curl was brushed back through. Backcombing at the crown gave an exaggerated height. Next the perimeter of the hair was pinned up and under, to create the illusion of a shorter shape on hair that’s long.  This is a fantastic twist on a traditional pinned-up style, as the hair looks very different for a special occasion, and yet doesn’t look at all like an up-do. To finish, a light dusting of Redken Forceful 23 (super strength finishing spray) was applied over the surface.

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    The color result is created using a very rich warm brown with large panels of golden blonde buried within to create high impact contrast without too hard of an edge.  

    The cut features a semi-solid shape with soft beveled edges and a rounded fringe for a very “mod” feeling result.

    To style, Redken Satin Wear 02, (ultimate blow dry lotion) was worked in to the damp hair before blow-drying with a Denman brush. Once dry, the hair was flat ironed and rounded at the ends to maintain the bevel. Last Redken Vinyl Glam 02  (mega shine spray) was used to finish.

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    This rebel influenced look was created starting with Redken Color Fusion to produce a vibrant yet believable result. A (level 6) copper was applied over a deeper (level 5) base color then a few (Level 8) soft golden pieces were sprinkled throughout.

    The shape features an asymmetric bob, with a soft asymmetric fringe and a few detached elements peeking out from underneath.  This finished look was created using a very small amount of Redken Full Frame 07 (protective volumizing mousse) and layering with Redken Glass 02 (smoothing serum), before the hair was blow-dried with a paddle brush. A flat iron was then used to bevel the edges just slightly.

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    Her natural color was a medium mousy-looking blonde.  The team created her color result by lightening her base color slightly and adding baby blonde highlights, finishing the color with a glaze to create extreme shine and condition.

    This finished look involves a highly unique texture with a classically inspired shape. To initiate the texture, her dry hair was curled with an Ergo Ondule iron in a figure-8 pattern (or S curls) in small sections using Redken Fabricate 03 (heat activated texturizer). After the entire head was curled, Redken Workforce 09 (flexible volumizing spray) was layered in to sculpt while pinning the hair into place creating a pompadour shape on top and a “DA” in back.

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    This wig was built from scratch. The team colored all the hair using a combination of Redken Shades EQ Onyx for the black hair as well as at the base of the icy white hair.  The white hair was created, starting with very pastel blonde hair and “whitening” it using Redken Color Fusion Double Blonde AV (ash violet).

    “This year we’re feeling that dimension on a brunette should be either non-existent or high contrast,” says Guthrie. “Here you’ll see the extreme of high contrast with black and white on the same head, literally! When creating a look that features both black and white tones, a Colorist must be very savvy and well versed on the methods used to prevent the colors from bleeding together.”

    Once the color was done, the wig was then sewn together and cut into the finished style. To create the asymmetric shape, the team started at the right corner back behind right ear, then the hair was over directed to create a longer detached bit to the right side of the face.  This detached area was then softened with a razor to create less geometry and more softness on the ends of the section.  The fringe of the shape remains longer and rounded to contrast with the detached area. 

    For the finish, Redken Align 12 (ultra straight balm) was applied on damp hair before blow-drying with a Denman brush. The mod finish was complete once dusted with Redken Spray Starch 15 (heat memory styler) and smoothed with a flat iron. The end result is an inky black (level 1 base) color with icy white accent pieces that perfectly accentuates the shape of the cut.

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    For this retro up style, the team used Redken Hot Sets 22 (thermal setting mist) before the hair was loosely curled with an extra large iron to create the right bend.  The final look was produced using a soft bristle brush to manipulate the hair, which was then pinned up into a modern Beehive shape. Redken Vinyl Glam 02 (mega shine spray) was sprayed on at the ends to add rich, color-enhancing luster.