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October 6, 2014

The Beard Trim from WAHL Professional


The Beard Trim from WAHL Professional

When cutting men’s hair, the service shouldn’t end once you’ve created the perfect Hard Part or undercut. Providing a beard trim is a great finishing touch to any service, and should not be left off. After all, the facial hair is an extension of a haircut and shouldn’t be ignored. Plus, if his facial hair looks as good as his actual hair, he is much more likely to become a loyal client. Here’s how the pros at WAHL Professional suggest you groom, trim and shape his beard.

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    Rake to blend the sideburn into beard. The desired length will determine the attachment comb size. Be sure to check for any hidden disconnects or bald areas prior to starting.

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    Work against the growth pattern to remove length. Take care to watch for whorls or cowlicks, as this may create gaps in the finished look.

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    Work with the growth pattern to smooth and tame stragglers.

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    When trimming the lip area, begin at the center of the mouth and work corner to corner. It can also be helpful to ask the client to use his tongue to push out the corners to create a crisp line.

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    Always look for a straggler that can cause the finished look to be unbalanced. Use the trimmer to gently tap; heavy handedness will result in skin abrasions.

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    Start under the jaw and work side to side. Always use your mirror to gauge balance.

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