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Last updated: May 30, 2017

The Rock ‘N’ Roll Pomp

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The Rock ‘N’ Roll Pomp

His 9-to-5 is a classic gig, but in his heart (and in his imagination during dull meetings) he’s fronting the band and fighting off lusty female fans. Here are style pointers for your secret rock star. This cut, from the Andis American Legacy Collection, can be worn parted and controlled or messy and undone, says Andis’ Aileen Nunez. Here’s how to create the look:

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    With the Andis Excel Ultra detachable blade clipper and #2 blade, begin on the left side of the head and create a hard line using C-strokes toward the back. Continue cutting vertical sections using the C-stroke technique, working around the head to the parietal ridge.

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    Switch to a #1½ blade. Using C-strokes, start at the back, and cut vertical sections up to approximately an inch below the #2 section. Fade the sideburns into the rest of the haircut with a #1 blade.

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    Working from the crown to the front, create horizontal sections and lift to 90 degrees. Cut clipper-over-finger, and widen the top section, ensuring that the area is overdirected to the left side to maintain the weight line for the comb-over effect.

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    Cross check, then clean up the outline and create the desired shape with the Andis GTX T-Outliner.

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    Locate the natural part and use the GTX T-Outliner to carve a hard part. Begin by positioning the trimmer head up, and cut in the rough shape. Finally, point the trimmer head down to fine-tune the part.

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