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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Sebastian Cellophanes Step-by-Step

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Sebastian Cellophanes Step-by-Step

Sebastian Professional brings you the one accessory that your client can’t live without this spring. Like the ultimate lip gloss—for their hair—Cellophanes makes a cool comeback with new technology including a thicker formula, better color balance and new shade names.

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Cellophanes is easy to use!  Just follow the five easy steps to give your clients translucent color with unparalleled shine and conditioning.  See the Cellophanes Collection! 


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    • Identify the level of your client’s hair color.
    • Select Cellophanes color for the appropriate hair level using the chart.
    • Make sure your Cellophanes color choice works with the lightest level of client’s hair.

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    • Make sure your Cellophanes color choice works with the lightest level of client’s hair.
    • Prepare client’s hair by shampooing. (Do not use conditioner at this point).
    • Towel dry hair to 75 %. Detangle and comb through.

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    • Part hair in four quadrants starting at the center of the forehead going down to the bottom of the nape; continue to part from the top of the head to behind the ears on both sides.
    • Apply a stain guard to hairline and partings, if needed.

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    • Measure 2 oz to 4 oz, depending on length and thickness of the hair.
    • Start Cellophanes application of color by subdividing smaller horizontal sections in each quadrant.
    • Starting at the nape on one side, work up toward crown making sure that you apply color 1/8 inch from scalp.
    • Repeat on side two.
    • Once the back is complete, take vertical sections and work back from crown to hairline.
    • In order to avoid staining around the hairline, apply color to comb to carefully apply Cellophanes.
    • Make sure hair is evenly saturated and looks wet.

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    • Wrap hair completely under plastic processing cap. (Make sure elastic band is placed along hairline).
    • Place under heat 125°F or 50°C for 20 minutes (depending on porosity of hair and desired color result).
    • Remove cap and allow hair to cool at least 5 minutes

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    • Thoroughly rinse until water becomes clear.
    • Shampoo using color safe shampoo.
    • Complete the service with conditioner.

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    This is just one of the beautiful looks you can achieve from using Cellophanes!  Check out the other vibrant, glossy hair color creations from Sebastian Professionals Cellophanes.