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March 14, 2014

Red, Red Wine Color Formula from TONIandGUY


Red, Red Wine Color Formula from TONIandGUY

The bold, plum and rose, red wine hues give depth and dimension to the asymmetrical bob shape of the cut. This is achieved with offset zig zag sections and under color placement, creating a beautiful spin on traditional dimensional color. But wait, there’s more! Zak is super excited to share with you some of TONI&GUY’s new franchising information for those who would like to own a TONI&GUY Salon! 

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    Color Formulas
    Dark (Root Shade – Plum Red): TIGI® copyright©olour™ gloss 5/26 + 8.5-volume developer
    Medium (Ruby): TIGI® copyright©olour™ gloss 6/6 + 8 inches of TIGI® copyright©olour™ mix master /1 + 8.5-volume developer
    Light (Intense Rose Red): TIGI® copyright©olour™ true light white + 8.5-volume developer. Tone with TIGI® copyright©olour™ creative 77/66 + 5-volume developer

    Begin the technique by applying the root shade color; take a profile and radial section creating four sections. Apply the root shade to the profile, radial and hairline. Then take ¼-inch subsections and apply the root shade to each section until complete.

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    Next take a slightly ‘S’-curved horseshoe from mid-recession on one side.

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    Continue until the top of the ear is reached on the opposite side.

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    The underneath is block colored with the darkest  shade by taking vertical sections

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    Isolate the underneath with meche.

  • 6

    Starting at the front hairline begin taking large continuous zig zag partings across the top section until reaching the crown.

  • 7

    Zig Zag sections are complete. Comb and separate zig zag subsections for control.

  • 8

    In the back, begin working in the first zig zag subsection; apply the medium color to the mid lengths and hair ends, smudging with the root shade to blend.

  • 9

    Isolate each section with a meche using a single fold.

  • 10

    The next section is applied in the same way with lightener.

  • 11

    Continue in the same manner alternating colors, subdivide wider sections for control.

  • 12

    A double fold may be used for longer lengths.

  • 13

    Technique is continued until the front hairline is reached.

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    Who did it
    Cut: Zak Mascolo, Austin Finley, Joseph Marzioli
    Haircolor: Jared Smith, Laura Pease, Samantha Finley
    Styling: Caroline Mascolo
    Makeup: Tommy Gomez
    Photography: Alex Barron-Hough

    On Paper Keyword: toniguy

    TONI&GUY 2014: Back to Business, Back to Education, Back to Design!

    A personal invitation from Bruno Mascolo!

    For more information, visit www.toniguy.edu/franchising.

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