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Last updated: February 27, 2018

Perfecting that Soft, Sexy Blowout

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That sexy blowout is only as great as the tools you use, and the Blow-Styling Paddle Brush from Tangle Teezer will help you give that perfect blow-dry. Its specially-designed teeth make for quick, simple brushstrokes, enhancing pick-up and promoting longer-lasting results.


Best of all, with its water trapping, no-tug design, this brush’s stiff teeth pick up hair at the root, allowing for simple, easy volume. It has an unparalleled finish, improving shine, natural movement and puts an end to frizz. It’s time to get your clients sleek, shiny and voluminous—check out how with these simple tips and tricks!


The Blow-Styling Paddle Brush Set is on sale now for $19.95 (regular price $66.00)! Purchase yours today!


Manufacturer: Tangle Teezer

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    Get Her In & Out With Faster Blow-Dries
    How: Unlike regular brushes, the Blow-Styling Paddle Brush’s special teeth design is made to extract surface water from the hair shaft, speeding up your blowout and decreasing the time spent under the heat. Not to mention, as part of the Tangle Teezer promise, this fancy little paddle brush works its way around tangles like a dream.

    Tip: You don’t need to change the way you blow-dry for each hair type with the Blow-Styling brush. You use one classic brush stroke for all hair types. The airflow simply follows the movement of the brush.

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    Effortless Volume—Even on Fine Hair!
    How: To tease or not to tease, that is the question! We all know that volume can be a little tricky, especially on fine hair. But with the Blow-Styling Paddle Brush, you can easily create volume at the roots. Because the brush’s teeth are so strong, you can run it through smoothly from roots to ends, making it easy to start the perfect rooted volume from start to finish.


    Tip: If you’re worried about the effects this brush has on fine hair, don’t be! It’s exceptionally gentle. The brush works without stretching or tugging the hair, so clients will feel the natural volume from a blow-dry but without the expected pulling and tugging.

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    Keep that Frizz-Free Shine Long-Lasting
    How: In a single Blow-Styling brushstroke, you’re increasing volume, encouraging natural movement and improving shine. Best part? These results are longer-lasting than with a regular paddle brush. The Blow-Styling brush’s fixed base teeth enhance the pick-up of the hair, making sure her gorgeous blowout stays put while staying pretty, too!


    Tip: The Blow-Styling Paddle Brush creates a naturally smooth look, without losing the feel and movement that you would with straightening irons. The hair naturally swings, and moves like hair should with great volume and shine. It’s even great for hair extensions!