Tangle Teezer

The Blow-Styling Paddle Hairbrush Tangle Teezers


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$19.95 (Reg. Price $33.50)

1 Half paddle and 1 full paddle

The Blow-Styling Paddle Hairbrush Tangle Teezers

From the inventors of the world-famous detangling brush: Tangle Teezer comes the latest ground-breaking creation—The Blow-Styling Hairbrush from Tangle Teezer!

Faster Blow-Dry, Bigger Volume, Better Shine & Reduced Frizz all in one brush!

•Quicker Blow-Dries! Specially designed teeth extract surface water, – resulting in a faster blow dry.

•Free-flowing tension with no pulling, stretching or thinning of the hair

•Enhanced hair pick-up gives longer-lasting results
•Volume, natural movement, shine and reduced frizz all delivered in effortless brush strokes!

•Two different paddle sizes:  Half Paddle for short/medium hair and a full paddle for medium/long hair

Half Paddle:  $16.00 (Retail in your salon for $32)
Full Paddle:  $17.50 (Retail in your salon for $35)

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TT Paddle Brush Set (4 Half Paddle/4 Full Paddle)
$119.95 (Reg. Price $134)

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