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Last updated: February 26, 2018

How-To: Quick, Effortless Curls

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How-To: Quick, Effortless Curls

You’ve done the shampoo bowl, the cutting, the coloring, and now it’s time for the blow-dry. Your next appointment is quickly approaching, but you promised the long-haired beauty already in your chair a sexy, curly blowout. Look no further than the Power Styler, the amazing little ceramic blow dryer attachments that help you blow-dry and style in half the time. Here’s how to get those tresses tamed and tousled fast!

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     After clipping hair into horizontal sections, begin styling bottom section near the occipital bone. Straighten hair from root to tip by positioning Power Styler directly above the cuticle. At the ends, wrap the hair around the brush, as though using a curling iron, and warm with the Power Styler. Carefully pull down and release into a curl.

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    Once one section is thoroughly straightened and curled, move upwards section by section, continuing the same curling process around the head. 

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    When working with the hair closer to the face, straighten roots to ends. At the tips, slightly rotate the brush while under the Power Styler for a softer, face-framing curl.

  • “I love the new attachment to my blowdryer! THE POWER STYLER is awesome for smoothing thick, frizzy hair! It leaves hair shiny and soft!”
    —Christina Zappala

    “I am obsessed with this. I’ve had mine for about 10 days and I love it. I just ordered 3 more!”
    —Bea Banchs Higgins

    “I’m a very busy hairdresser in northwest London, and this product has changed my life and my clients’ hair for the better! Not only has it made my blow-drys quicker, but their hair is so much smoother and lasts them much longer now. I highly recommend this fantastic product! I bought everyone in my family THE POWER STYLER for Christmas and now they cannot imagine blow-drying without it! It is one of the best inventions ever made!”
    —Jemma Harris

    “I love THE POWER STYLER! I have very thick, quite frizzy hair. After buying every serum and conditioner on the planet, the only thing that smooths my frizz is THE POWER STYLER. Also, I am always travelling and another benefit is that it’s so easy to pack. I have just returned from Spain and the hairdressers there loved it. They asked me to give them details of where to buy THE POWER STYLER!”
    —Delia Attias Fishman

    “On my clients who have very stubborn hair, it reduces the styling time significantly!”
    —Marta Brown

    “I’m a fan of a good blowdry and THE POWER STYLER is worth the investment! It truly does what it says—it’s smoother and the bounce is fabulous! 10/10!”
    —Lisa Reynolds