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Last updated: July 23, 2013

Midlength Lob Cut from abba

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Midlength Lob Cut from abba

This midlength cut sits no longer than the shoulder area, and sweeps gently across the face resulting in a very sexy sophisticated shape.

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    Cleanse hair with the appropriate abba shampoo and conditioner. Prep the hair with Smoothing Blow Dry Lotion.

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    1. Locate natural side part. Take a headband section from ear-to-ear. Divide back section in two, from crown to nape.

    2. Starting in the back, take a slight diagonal section below the crown, pull the hair out at 90° and cut approximately 3″–4.” Working from this guide, each section taken will be on a slight diagonal forward. Bring each section to the previous section to build length toward the front.

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    3. Once you reach the side back corner, overdirect the rest of the hair in that section to the corner. Working from the top down, start to abandon the guide at the curvature of the head pulling the hair away from the head. Abandoning the guide at the bottom will maintain length behind the ear area.

    4. Repeat on the opposite back side.

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    5. On the maximum front section of the head take a vertical section over the ear area. Use back corner as your guide. Comb the hair parallel to the part, elevate the hair up, overdirecting the bottom of the section. Continue working in this manner pivoting off of the crown in a pie shape until you reach the front corner at the temple area.

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    6. Working off the natural part, take pie shaped sections overdirecting towards the corner at the temple. Pull the hair up off of the head and use the previous guide from the side area as the guide to length.

    7. Repeat on the minimum (opposite) side.

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    8. Continue on each side of the part overdirecting away from the part to the stationary guide at the corner. This will leave length at the part.

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    9. Comb all the hair to natural fall. Starting in the back working shear-under-comb with the head in natural position cut perimeter 0° to desired length. Continue around to the side keeping the head up and the comb parallel to the floor.

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    10. Elevate parallel to your part and point cut from the perimeter to desired length. Work from side-to-side being aware of the length needed to frame the face. Watch the shape progress as you work slowly and methodically.

    11. Apply appropriate abba product for desired style and power dry. Go back through hair point cutting at .50 to soften the edges and create internal softness by slide cutting at .50.

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    In the front take a 1″ diagonal back section from the natural part to the ear. Create an asymmetric fringe keeping the length no shorter than the bridge of the nose.

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