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Last updated: June 11, 2010

Marie Ferro’s “Inside-Out” Color Makeovers

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Marie Ferro’s “Inside-Out” Color Makeovers

Hair color trends come and go, says celebrity colorist Marie Ferro, but building up a person’s self-esteem lasts a lifetime. Here are three “inside-out” color makeovers she performed on three different women to help create an external image that aligned with their internal goals. She used Goldwell color to create three great transformations that made each woman truly glow from within. BTC-TV: Watch the exclusive how-to video of these makeovers! Keyword: educationmarie


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    Base Formula: 40mls 6BKV + 40mls 20-volume peroxide

    Highlight Formula: 20mls 11G + 40mls 40-volume developer

    ”I placed the highlights in a brick diagonal pattern through her side part,” says Marie. “If she parts her hair where her highlights are, they’ll pop out and melt into her color. And if she parts her hair on the other side, the highlights fade and her hair has dimensional movement underneath as her hair moves.”

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    Filler Formula: 20ml KK Mix + 10ml GG mix + 90mls water

    Base Formula: 20mls 7GB + 20mls 7BG + 40mls 20-volume developer
    Slice in foils; alternate between working with a side diagonal part in front, diagonal side sections and stacking foils in though the back sections.

    Highlight and Lowlight Formulas:
    1) 20mls 8G + 20mls 10-volume developer
    2) 10mls 7GB + 10mls 7BG + 20mls 10-volume developer
    3) 10mls 6K+ 10mls 6BG + 20mls 10-volume developer
    Process for 30 minutes then glaze with Colorance 15mls 8GG + 5mls 8K + 40mls Colorance developer.

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    ”Goldwell TriFlectives is great for grey coverage without showing definite regrowth as the hair grows out,” says Marie.

    Base Formula: 20mls 8NGB + 20mls 20-volume developer

    In the midshaft, alternate slicing with:
    1) 10mls 7NBP + 20mls Colorance lotion
    2) 10mls 8NGB + 20mls Colorance lotion
    3) 10mls 9NGB + 20mls Colorance lotion

    Process for 30 minutes then wash, dry and apply clear Elumen for 15 minutes with heat to seal in color and add shine.

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