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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Jewel of the Nile

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Jewel of the Nile

This deep, dark and sparkling look from Erica Keelen, @ericakeelen_hair_love, the winner of PRAVANA’s 2015 Show Us Your VIVIDS contest, was done completely with the brand’s three newest ChromaSilk VIVIDS Jewels shades! Get the full step-by-step here, and then enter to win the VIVIDS Jewels Kit so you can recreate this look in your salon!

Manufacturer: PRAVANA, @pravana


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    PRAVANA Color Formulas
    Formula A: Pure Light Balayage Lightener + choice of developer

    Formula B: Pure Light Power Lightener + choice of developer

    Formula C: VIVIDS Amethyst

    Formula D: VIVIDS Blue Topaz

    Formula E: VIVIDS Emerald

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    Section the hair into four sections: top of the head, sides and back.

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    Beginning in the nape, take horizontal subsections and apply Formula A in a W-shape to the hair. Use a Meche Sheet between each section for an added barrier.

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    Continue working up the head, applying Formula A in W- and V-shapes, using the Pure Light Balayage Palette to saturate lightener through the ends.

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    Moving into the sides, take diagonal-back subsections, micro-stitch strands and place in foil. Apply Formula B. Continue working into the top of the head, micro-stitching, and apply Formula B in foils.

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    Take the remaining hair left out between the foils, and apply Formula A in a striated pattern, again using the Pure Light Balayage Palette to saturate through the ends. Process until desired lightness is achieved. Shampoo with THE PERFECT BLONDE Shampoo and towel-dry the hair. Apply ChromaSilk Express Tones Violet to damp hair, allow to process 5 minutes, rinse and condition the hair with THE PERFECT BLONDE Conditioner.

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    Mist NEVO Intense Therapy onto the hair, then blow-dry the hair completely.

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    Resection the hair into quadrants, and begin in the nape, taking diagonal-back subsections.

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    Apply Formula C 2 inches from the scalp until you reach the top of the head. In alternating slices as you move up the head, switch between a slice of prelightened hair and a slice where you’ll apply Formula D from where Formula C left off to the midshaft, then Formula E through the midshaft, finishing with Formula D through the remaining ends. Use a Meche Sheet to separate the two slices from each other.

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    Go back and apply Formula C to the rest of the prelightened hair slices that had previously been left out.

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    Moving into the sides, repeat the technique from step 8 until you reach the top of the head.

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    Once you reach the top of the head, you will have a diamond section stretching from the crown to the apex of the head. Apply Formula C to this remaining top section from scalp to ends. Process for 20 to 30 minutes at room temperature. Rinse the hair with cool water, shampoo and condition with VIVIDS Color Protect and style as desired.

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    Finished Look