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Last updated: July 17, 2018

Multidimensional Seafoam Green from Pravana

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Multidimensional Seafoam Green from Pravana

Bright, bold hues are on trend this season—and Pravana has been leading the pack!  Whether she wants peek-a-book streaks, ombré or a simple, bold all-over color—Pravana VIVIDS and Pastels has a shade to help her explore her wild side.  For this look, Pravana VIVIDS and Pastels Contest grand prize—winner Mariell Johnson of Merrimack, NH, collaborated with Pravana Guest Artist, Danny Moon, her mentor, on a special VIVIDS and Pastels look. The team settled on a stunning seafoam green creation combining VIVIDS and Pastels in shades of mint, ice blue and emerald green. Following the color application, Mariell, Danny and BTC’s Founder and Creative Director Mary Rector-Gable all headed to a photo shoot to capture Mariell’s color design, which will appear in the next issue of BTC On Paper magazine.

Learn more about Pravana’s VIVIDs and Pastels class at the BTC Chicago Academy!

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    Color Formulas:
    Pre-lightening: Pure Light Powder Lightener + Crème Developer
    Mojito Mint: 1 oz. VIVIDS Yellow + ¼ oz. VIVIDS Green
    Ice Blue: 1 oz. Pastels Blissful Blue + ¼ oz. VIVIDS Blue
    Emerald Green: 1 oz. VIVIDS Clear + ¼ oz. VIVIDS Yellow + 1/16 oz. VIVIDS Green

    *Tip: When blending custom VIVIDS and Pastels colors, begin with the lightest shade in the bowl.

    Apply Pravana Pure Light Powder Lightener and your choice of developer through the cold shaft of the hair, avoiding the heat zone at the scalp (1/4 to 1/2-inch off the scalp) and the porous ends. Once the cold shaft has reached a bright gold/yellow, begin application at the scalp and ends. Process until desired lightness is achieved. Rinse, shampoo, condition and dry the hair completely.

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    Beginning in the back, section out a triangle that begins behind the middle of each ear and ending in an apex directly between the occipital bone and crown of the head. Clip aside. This will be your Emerald Green section.

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    This next section is working off a natural diagonal part from the recession of the forehead to the crown of the head. Create a triangle section around the natural diagonal part with the larger part of the triangle reaching toward, but not into, the temple. The apex of the triangle reaches to the apex of the head and not all the way into the crown. Clip aside. This will be your Mojito Mint section.

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    Apply the Emerald Green VIVIDS shade from roots to ends to the large triangle in the back of the head. Separate by laying plastic wrap or a series of foils over the section.

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    Through each side and into the top section there will be 4 to 5 weave sections of “stitches” in foils of Mojito Mint. Begin your first stitch following the top of the back triangle parting. Do not take the stitch all the way to the center part at the crown but take the last stitch to the edge of the hairline behind the ear. Apply Mojito Mint inside the foil.

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    Take the next stitch beginning ¼-inch above the crown side of the first stitch and about 1-inch above the first stitch behind the ear. The diagonal stitches will rotate like a wheel around the sides of the head. The first stitch in this foil will meet the crown parting and the last stitch will end at the edge of the hairline. Apply the Mojito Mint VIVIDS shade inside the foil. Repeat on the opposite side.

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    Continue this pattern of diagonal stitches rotating like a wheel, where the space between is ¼-inch apart at the crown and 1-inch apart at the edge of the hairline. Every other stitch should meet the parting at the crown and the hairline, and every other stitch should not meet the parting at the crown, but should reach the edge of the hairline. Once you have completed the stitches, the first and last stitch should be parallel to each triangle. There should be 4 to 5 stitches of Mojito Mint VIVIDS.

    *NOTE: You may need to use two foils, side-by-side, depending on the length of each stitch

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    Apply the ICE Blue between the foils, throughout the sides and into the crown. You may separate this section by laying plastic wrap or a series of foils over the hair.

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    Apply the Mojito Mint VIVIDS to the top triangle section from roots to ends.

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    Process for 20 to 25 minutes at room temperature.

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    Begin rinsing the back triangle section of Emerald Green VIVIDS. Rinse with cool water, until the water runs clear. Next rinse the Ice Blue VIVIDS section, making sure not to disturb the Mojito Mint VIVIDS foils. Rinse with cool water, until the water runs clear. Remove the foils and rinse all Mojito Mint VIVIDS form the hair with cool water, until water runs clear. Lightly shampoo with VIVIDS Color Protect Shampoo, running the shampoo gently through the hair with fingers and avoiding any manipulation of the hair. Rinse and condition with VIVIDS Color Protect Conditioner.

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     Dry and style as desired.

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