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June 23, 2014

Pink and Lavender NEON from Pravana


Pink and Lavender NEON from Pravana

Your favorite color-lovin’ client has tried VIVIDS and PASTELS—now Pravana has turned up the dial to extreme color—NEONS! Using an Interlaced Technique, bold neon pink blends perfectly with pastel lavender to create a whimsical confection of color.

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    Formula A: Pravana Pure Light Powder Lightener
    Formula B: 1 Tube Pravana NEONS Pink
    Formula C: 3 oz. Pravana NEONS Pink + Pravana NEONS Blue

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    Apply Formula A with your choice of developer to prelighten the hair to a Level 10. Squeeze Formula B from the tube into a tint bowl, without mixing any peroxide, for a bowl and brush application. Create a custom neon violet shade by mixing NEONS Pink and Blue. Beginning in the back, section out a triangle that begins behind the middle of each ear and ending in an apex directly between the occipital bone and crown of the head. Clip aside.

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    Apply Formula C from roots to ends to the large triangle section in the back of the head.

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    From the top of the triangle, begin alternating slices of Formulas B and C, working in a pinwheel up to the top of the head.

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    Once you reach the top of the head, section out a triangle from the recession of the forehead slightly past the apex and reaching toward, but not into, the center of the forehead. Apply Formula C to this section, roots to ends.

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    Process for 20 to 30 minutes at room temperature. Rinse with cool water, then shampoo lightly with Pravana VIVIDS Color Protect Shampoo, rinse until the water runs clear. Follow up with Pravana VIVIDS Color Protect Conditioner and Pravana VIVIDS Color Protect Sealing Spray. Style as desired.

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