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February 9, 2015

Cheat Extreme Color with Extensions


Cheat Extreme Color with Extensions

If she is looking to add subtle pops of color to a dark base, Hairdreams Quikkies have got you covered. These pre-colored extensions deliver the pop of color she wants without the lasting commitment or harsh chemical process. It’s the perfect way to temporarily color, or for shy clients to experiment with bright, bold hues. Christopher and Sonya Dove demonstrate how to apply Quikkies on a short dark base for a multi-tonal result.

Who did it
Hair: Christopher and Sonya Dove
Hair Assistants: Erin Pashenee, Hairdreams USA Master Educator
Abbie Doerr, Education and Development Manager
Makeup: Burke Daniel
Photography: Eric Schwabel and Monica Orozco (step-by-step images)
Stylist: Alejandro Peraza

For more information, visit www.hairdreamsusa.com.

Manufacturer: Hairdreams


  • 1

    Materials: Hairdreams Quikkies Blue Marine 12-inch (dark blue), Quikkies Blue 12-inch, Quikkies Flash Violet, Quikkies 13/13 Custom Colored with Wella Color Touch 10/18 + 1.9% Developer

  • 2

    Create a solid parting at the top of the head. Start with dark blue Hairdreams Quikkies Custom Colored Strips as the base color.

  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

    Apply gray Quikkies.

  • 6

    Overlay two strips of blue over the gray Quikkies.

  • 7

    Apply Fresh Violet Quikkies along each side.

  • 8

    Apply the same Quikkies pattern on the other side of the head.

  • 9

    For the third row, apply Quikkies Blue Marine, using three strips of Quikkies. Apply the Flast Violet Quikkies under the Blue. For the middle, use Quikkies Blue.

  • 10

    Using a razor, cut and blend the Quikkies into the outline of the shape of the client’s current style. For this model, that meant blending to her asymmetrical style.

  • 11

    Make the end more blunt (solid) with a strong perimeter. Create an asymmetrical band shape.

  • 12

    To sections of color, use the edge of a razor to cut into and create spaces to expose colors for a multi-chromatic color effect.

  • 13

    After the hair is blow-dried, refine the cut and make the front a little shorter. Add custom color as the last row.

  • 14

    Section by section, blow-dry the hair with a round brush.

  • 15