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Last updated: February 10, 2020

Margot Robbie’s Glam Waves

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Photo Credit: Amy Sussman courtesy of Moroccanoil®

Margot Robbie is the queen of understated glam! The Australian actress stunned on the 92nd Academy Awards red carpet with her signature golden waves and a bold red lip. Her go-to hairstylist Bryce Scarlett (@brycescarlett) shared the styling steps with us and we’re breaking it all down below! Keeping scrolling for the how-to deets!


Style Notes: “To compliment Margot’s vintage off-the-shoulder Chanel gown, I created a sculpted, modern take on an old Hollywood style with crisp, sharp waves,” shared Bryce.


Artist: Bryce Scarlett
Manufacturer: Moroccanoil, @moroccanoilpro

Products Used



Start by applying a dime-sized amount of Moroccanoil® Treatment Light to damp hair.


Run one to two pumps of Moroccanoil® Hydrating Styling Cream from the midlengths to the ends, then apply Moroccanoil® Root Boost at the roots.


Coat the hair with Moroccanoil® Perfect Defense and then blowout the midlengths and ends, making sure to leave the root area sculpted to the head.


Create a deep side part with a tail comb, then use a 1-inch curling iron to create waves around the head. Wrap the hair around the curling iron two to three times before gently pulling away to create a sharp finish at the ends.


Brush through the curls with a boar bristle brush and use your hand to give the look shape. Then, spray Moroccanoil® Luminous Hairspray Medium and tame any flyaways with a tail comb. 

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Finished look // Instagram via @patidubroff

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