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Last updated: October 21, 2020

Watch: Foil Placement Tips For 3 Different Money Piece Techniques

Learn How To Diversify Your Money Piece Technique To Fit Each Client

Not all money pieces are created equal. Some feature intense brightness and some are very rooty, but whatever the client wants Joico Brand Storyteller Olivia Smalley (@omgartistry) has a technique for you! Olivia broke down three different money piece techniques—butterfly highlights, the million dollar money piece and the stair master money piece—to give your client the Insta-worthy hair they desire.


Keep scrolling to get her placement tips, check out the finished looks and grab the formula! Plus, watch the full tutorial above to get all of Olivia’s expert advice!


Butterfly Highlights

The secret to creating butterfly highlights is strategically placing back to back foils periodically through the front section. This helps to diffuse the highlights and create pockets of brightness. Before you try this technique, Olivia recommends not applying butterfly highlights directly in the front at the hairline, because it could turn out too bright and create diffused dimension inside the hairline.


Check Out The Finished Results!


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Million Dollar Money Piece

When you’re converting someone from highlights or starting from scratch with the money piece, you must get the front section light first. Olivia advises against immediately using lightener at the roots, because they’ll process faster than the ends due to the scalp’s natural heat. Instead place the ends in foils for 20 minutes or until it reaches a Level 8 or 9, then pull the foils out and apply the lightener to the rest of the hair for an even lift.


Note: Remember the more transparent the section, the better lift you’ll get.


Here’s The Million Dollar Money Piece On A Live Model!


Stair Master Money Piece

The stair master money piece is great for your low maintenance clients. There are two ways Olivia adds depth to the hair with this technique. The first is that she teases the hair a little before applying foils under the teased section. As the foils move up the head, she makes sure to use over direction so there’s more root area left out as she goes up. The second is to leave a space in between most of the foils for added depth and to keep the look low maintenance. 


Check Out The Finished Look + Real Life Results!



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