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Last updated: May 09, 2023

10 Classes on BTC University to Binge in 2023

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Color, Cutting & Styling: What to Watch Next on BTC University!

For 2023, BTC University is taking “New Year, New Me” to a whole new level. Whether you’re refreshing your skills, staying on top of trends or ready to learn something new—BTC University has education for EVERY stylist at EVERY step of their career. 


Keep scrolling for our most-watched classes and learn signature techniques in color, cutting and styling to add to your service menu in 2023! 


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Freshen Up Your Color Skills: Less Time, More Impact

High-contrast highlights, expensive brunettes and butter blonde curls—these four hair color courses are perfect for EVERY client in your chair! Become a Member now to get instant access to all five! 


Master BOTH Balayage & Foilayage Techniques with @ashleenormanhair

Balayage and foilayage are the MOST-requested services behind the chair. So we tapped 2021 #ONESHOT Transformation Winner Ashlee Norman (@ashleenormanhair) to share her strategies for choosing the right technique for your clients!



Learn Pintura Highlights for Bright, Healthy Curls from @curlfactor! 

Struggle to keep curls healthy while lightening? 2021 #ONESHOT Winner Christin Brown (@curlfactor) broke down her pintura highlight technique for brightening curly and textured clients without damage. 



Do your 2023 goals include:

  • Reevaluating your price list?
  • Leveling-up your social media skills?
  • Staying on top or the hottest trends and techniques


BTCU Members Have UNLIMITED Access to over 20 courses on business and social media. Become a Member now and start binging the industry’s best hair education!


Create High Contrast Highlights in Less Time with @danielmbeauty

Learn how to take your highlights from striped to sunkissed from blonding master Daniel Mora (@danielmbeauty). He shares his “less is more” foiling technique for dimensional results and a little secret about when (and how) to break the rules when mixing. 



Learn The Expensive Brunette in Just 25 Foils from @the.blonde.chronicles

Glazed Brunette might be in for 2023, but it all started with Expensive Brunette in 2022. In this exclusive course, Carly Zanoni aka @the.blonde.chronicles shares everything you need to know to create this look behind the chair, including her 25-foil placement and full formula breakdown! 



2022’s Hottest Haircuts: 4 Trends to Know! 

Clients requesting the latest trends? BTC University has you covered! This year we tapped some of the industry’s top cutters to share their techniques for this year’s trendiest cuts. 


Trend #1: The Butterfly Cut

This haircut was EVERYWHERE! From fluffy layers, to a flattering face frame—this long-layered chop was on every IT-Girl’s pinterest board. So we were PUMPED when 2022 #ONESHOT Overall Haircut Big Shot Winner Justin Toves-Vincilione (@ahappyjustin) aka The Butterfly Cut Master, shared his pro cutting tips for creating movement AND maintaining length. Plus, his styling secrets for in the salon AND at home!



Trend #2: The Curly Pixie

Clients requesting cropped cuts doesn’t mean they have to lose their curls. In fact, celebrity-stylist Greg Gilmore (@greg_gilmore) shows us how a proper curly cut can accentuate a client’s natural curl, instead of altering it. 



Trend #3: The Retro Shag

Everything old is NEW again—with a twist. Even better, Jayne Matthews (@jayne_edosalon) is showing you how to create a cool-girl shag with a razor! This is the perfect class to freshen up your straight-blade skills or add a new tool to your cutting arsenal. 



Trend #4: The Bixie

This bob/pixie hybrid POPPED OFF on our 2022 Haircut Trend Report and it’s not stopping anytime soon. Learn the ins and outs of this trendy cut from OG Bixie Queen Briana Cisneros (@brianacisneros). She shares how to cut with precision and efficiency and how to create shorter cuts with LOTS of movement! 



Build Your Books With Personalized Styling Services 

Whether your clients have somewhere to be, or just want a little something different. Specialized styling services are a HUGE opportunity to not just build your service menu, but boost your revenue behind the chair. The best part? BTC University is FULL of styling techniques for every client’s hair type and texture!


Learn the Silk Press from Start to Finish! 

Texture clients requesting silky, smooth strands? No problem, 2022 #ONESHOT Winner and Silk Press Master John George (@johnwgeorge) is breaking it ALL DOWN. From the perfect prep to avoiding dents, John explains every single step of his process. This class is a MUST SEE!



How to Book, Consult & Style Brides

Ready to set boundaries with bridal clients? Bridal stylist Alisha Jared (@alishajaredhairartistry) explains how to level-up your bridal business including: scheduling strategies, consultation tips and foundational styling techniques. 



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