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Last updated: December 02, 2020

Tayshia Adams’s Stylist Shares Her Bachelorette Waves Technique

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How To Create Bachelorette Waves + Tips For Clients Recreating The Look At Home

If you’re one of the millions who watch “The Bachelorette,” then your Tuesday nights probably consist of three things: Your couch, wine and allll the reality TV drama. Same goes for Kristin Grip (@hairbykristingrip). But she’s not just here for the tea—she’s tuning in to see her work on TV. That’s right, the BTC Team Member works with Bachelor Nation stars like Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams (this season’s TWO Bachelorettes!).


BTC chatted with Kristin about how she first started working with some of the show’s biggest names, how she creates the signature Bachelorette Waves and her tips for clients struggling to recreate this popular on-screen style at home. So keep reading to learn all of the above PLUS who Kristin thinks Tayshia will choose!


The Opportunity That Started It All

Kristin’s in with Bachelor Nation began back in 2016 with JoJo Fletcher, who first appeared on Ben Higgin’s season of “The Bachelor” (where she was the runner-up) and later went on to be the Bachelorette herself. 


JoJo had recently gotten her hair done but was not happy with it, and ABC was announcing her as the Bachelorette the very next day. No salons were open because it was a Sunday, so Kristin’s husband, who is the Director of Photography on the show, said, “You know, my wife will come help her if she needs anything.”


That night, Kristin drove up to LA to do JoJo’s hair and that opportunity eventually expanded Kristin’s clientele to include fellow Bachelor Nation stars like Clare, Tayshia, Amanda Stanton, Becca Tilley, Lauren Lane, Corinne Olympios, Lauren Luyendyk and Caelynn Miller-Keyes.


Note: Kristin got both Clare and Tayshia ready for their seasons and styled Tayshia once while filming. As for who handles styling throughout the season, Kristin isn’t 100 percent certain but she thinks a lot of the contestants do their hair themselves and then a hairstylist the show staffs will style the women for big events like Night One and the Finale.


The look that started it all for Kristin!

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How Kristin Creates Bachelorette Waves

1. Start by curling the hair with the 1.25″ Bio Ionic® Long Barrel Styler Pro Curling Iron, alternating the direction you curl each section. “I’ll always start curling the hair that’s closer to the scalp and then tuck in those ends at the very last minute and pull on the ends as I’m pulling them out so they’re not too curled,” explains Kristin. 


Note: Kristin always curls the front sections away from the face, then she alternates directions once she reaches the ear.


2. Once the whole head is curled, have the client tilt their head back and apply SexyHair artistrypro Tactile Dry Texture Spray to create separation and add volume. “I use that a lot to give the hair a little more texture to it. It’s still silky and still feels good but it just separates it a little bit more, which is kind of the style right now,” she notes.


3. Finish by applying SexyHair artistrypro Avant-Guard Heat Protection & Finishing Spray. “I also have them look up when I do their hairspray just so I can set their bangs back and get that to flow out of their face,” shares Kristin.

Products Used


Adjusting The Technique For Different Textures

The one thing Kristin adjusts when working with different hair textures is the blowout. For clients with stick straight strands like Clare, you can rough dry until the hair is about halfway dry before grabbing a round brush to finish up the blowout.


For clients with curly hair like Tayshia, use a round brush from the start to really smooth out the cuticle. “I feel like it would be harder for me to allow her to air dry or rough dry and allow that curl to pop up,” notes Kristin. “It’d be hard to change it or manipulate it after the fact. You’d almost have to flat iron it and then curl it, but that would be a lot of heat.


Check out the below side-by-side of Clare & Tayshia to see how Bachelorette Waves look on both of them!

Kristin Grip @hairbykristingrip Bachelorette Waves Sexy Hair Clare Crawley Tayshia Adams
Photo credit for both photos: Instagram via @hairbykristingrip


Tips For Clients Who Want To Recreate Bachelorette Waves At Home

The secret to recreating this popular style at home? “You have to start with a good blowout,” advises Kristin. So clients should either learn how to round brush OR invest in a hair drying brush. “I do see a lot of people that will try to rough dry their hair or let it air dry and then don’t understand why it won’t do what they want,” she added. “You have to add that volume in there, really smooth out that cuticle if you want those smooth, pretty waves.


Clients Complaining Their Waves Always Fall Flat? Here’s What Went Wrong…

Have clients who complain that their hair doesn’t hold curls? Kristin says it can be one of two things:


  • Their sections are too big. “If you take too much hair, that middle that’s not really touching the iron won’t get enough heat and won’t stay and will pull the rest of your curl down,” explains Kristin.


  • They’re using too big of a barrel. Kristin says usually a 1.25-inch barrel is good, but some clients may need a 1-inch or even a ¾-inch barrel depending on how fine and flat their hair is. “You have to play around with it and find the right iron for you,” she shares.


Watch the below video to see how Kristin creates Bachelorette Waves on Tayshia!

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Kristin’s Thoughts On This Season

I’m super happy for Clare. I’m happy that she found somebody; she seems really happy,” shared Kristin. “For anybody to be able to find love—and especially during a crazy year like this—I’m super happy for her.


“But I’m also happy that they brought Tayshia in. Tayshia is a gem….She is so deserving,” she added. “She has the best personality. She’s giggly and bubbly and outgoing and just has such a good aura about her that I am just so excited. I want her to find love and she just seems like she’s having a blast with these guys so far.”


Who Kristin Thinks Tayshia Will Choose

Fans watching this season can already tell that Ben, Brendan, Ivan and Zac C. have established themselves as front runners. But as for who Kristin thinks Tayshia will choose in the end? “No comment,” she said laughing. “I know too much.” 👀


Tap through the below slideshow to see some of Kristin’s other Bachelor Nation clients!

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