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Last updated: November 18, 2020

Watch: Versatile Holiday Hairstyles

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How To Make 4 Different Holiday Styles From 2 Looks

The holidays are almost upon us and your clients want to look fantastic for their Zoom holiday work party. So Sexy Hair Visionary Team Artists Antonio Estrada (@antestradahair) and Dawn Atkinson (@hairartistrybydawn) went live to show us two hairstyles that can easily transition into a second look for more versatility. Keep scrolling to grab tips for each style and check out the finished looks! 


CLICK HERE To Watch The Full 60-Minute Holiday Hair Tutorial On BTC’s Facebook!


Glam Waves

The key to creating vintage glam waves? Curling all of the hair in the same direction. Antonio applied Sexy Hair artistrypro Avant-Guard on each section first to give the curls longevity, then he curled the hair flat and left the ends straight for a modern take on the look.


Pro Tip: Curl the hair very high to the root. Once it’s brushed out, the hair will soften up significantly and you don’t want to lose body at the top.


Here’s The Look On A Live Model!


Voluminous Pony

If she wants her hair up, you can easily transition glam waves into a voluminous high pony. For extra volume and height, Antonio recommends teasing the hair at the base of the pony. Here’s what he does:


  • Pin up the top of the ponytail to the head with a smooth clip to avoid disturbing the hair.


  • Take it section by section and tease the hair at the base of the ponytail with a rattail comb.


  • Once at the top section, overdirect the hair straight up, tease at the base to get a bump and then comb it out.


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Ribbon Faux Braid

After securing the ribbon headband, Dawn creates a faux ponytail braid by first separating the curls into two parts. Pull the ribbon ends between each part and secure the hair into a side pony around the ribbon.


Then, take two pieces of hair behind the ponytail, pull them forward and secure with an elastic to create a new ponytail. Repeat this, incorporating the ribbon in between to create a faux braid and be sure to pull the hair once secured for a perfectly imperfect finish. 


Check Out The Finished Faux Braid Look!


Side Chignon

If the client has multiple plans, they can create a second look out of the ribbon faux braid by wrapping it around itself to make a side chignon. Simply pin it into place and they’re done, making it the perfect transition for a girl on the go!


Watch The Entire 60-Minute Holiday Hair Tutorial Here!


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