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Last updated: June 13, 2018

WATCH: Holiday Styling Inspired By Celebs

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It’s the season for major styling inspiration, and here’s how you can stand out from the hairdressing crowd—offer looks that Hollywood’s It Girls are wearing on the red carpet, tweaked for your clients’ holiday parties. BTC went straight to the celeb source, the home of Adir Abergel, stylist to Rooney Mara, Sienna Miller, Jessica Biel, Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson, for an exclusive styling Facebook Live. Check it out!


Besides demoing these coveted styles, Adir also shared why he is Creative Director of Virtue, a haircare line that uses alpha keratin extractd from real human hair. Get all the deets on Virtue, and keep reading for his styling how-tos and tips.


The two looks Adir created for BTC were based on these sexy red carpet looks: Sienna Miller at the premiere of “G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra” and Emma Watson at the MTV Movie Awards. Here’s the inspiration…



Keep reading for TONS of great tips and watch the videos!


Products Used


  • Start these styles on clean hair. “I can always add product to give the hair more grit, but the only way to get the best integrity and shine out of the hair is to start with beautiful, clean hair.” Adir recommends Virtue shampoo and conditioner—Jessica Biel loves the Virtue Recovery line.


  • For a perfectly placed side part, use the highest point of the arch of the brow as the guide. 


  • Adir used a 1¼ -inch iron set to about 400 degrees on this model because she has thicker, coarser hair. On someone with finer hair, he recommends using a 1-inch iron and dropping the heat.


  • The curl set is crucial. Prep with Polish Un-Frizz Cream, rough-dry, then work in sections to barrel-curl the hair, spraying each section with Finale Shaping Spray before curling. The real secret: overdirect each curl for ultimate volume and bounce.


  • Avoid creases in curl sets by doing two things:
    • Hold each curl in your hand to cool for a second before you pin the curl.
    • Use a duckbill clip that has some bend to it (not one that is very rigid) and add some bend with your hand so the clip follows the curve of the head and isn’t clamped so tightly on the curl.


  • Get a gorgeous brush-out by spraying a boar bristle brush (Adir uses a medium-sized Mason Pearson) with Finale Shaping Spray before brushing.


  • To smooth a finished style, rub Uplifted Volumizing Whip in your palm, then dip a (clean!) kitchen sponge into the product. Use the sponge to add sleekness without disturbing the style. Watch below!



After creating a head of voluminous, glam waves, Adir started on look #2: a sculptural ponytail updo.


  • For lived-in texture before an updo, the diffuser is your friend. Apply Uplifted Volumizing Whip, then use double-pronged clips to randomly piece sections together at the top of the head. Diffuse for a few minutes, then remove the clips, and check out the texture!



  • Use elastic from the fabric store to secure updos. You can get it in any color (meaning you can choose to conceal it in the hair or use something holiday-friendly, like silver!) and by knotting it twice, it creates a locked-in binding that will keep updos UP!


Check out the two gorgeous finished looks, and keep scrolling to watch the videos!




Look #1: Curl Set and Voluminous Hollywood Waves


Look #2: Sculptural, Textured Updo


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