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Last updated: June 17, 2019

Master @mustafaavci’s Signature Glam Waves With These 6 Tips

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Master @mustafaavci’s Signature Glam Waves With These 6 Tips

Mustafa Avci’s (@mustafaavci) signature glam waves are a classic take on old Hollywood glamour, but nailing his technique can be tricky and takes practice. Don’t stress because the King of Waves shared all his best tips for mastering his signature style when he took the Ulta Beauty stage at Premiere Orlando 2018—and we were there to capture it all. Keep reading to get the tips!



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1. If She Has Layers…

Do not insert the wide-tooth comb with the teeth face down and comb through each wave. This will cause the shorter hair to stick out. Instead, Mustafa suggests combing in a sort of pulsing pattern before teasing because it’ll open up the wave pattern better and prevent layers from going rogue. See how he does it in the gif below!



2. How To Save A Wave

If the hair is too loose, here’s what Mustafa does to save it:

  • Lay the section over the palm of the hand and generously apply Matrix Style Link Volume Fixer
  • Then, gently push the section up at the root as it’s placed with the rest of the style. 
  • Watch how Mustafa does it in the gif below!



3. Teasing Is Crucial

Teasing each wave makes the hair feel like fabric, giving you the ability to fan each section out while creating a finished look that is fuller and more put-together. Just remember to keep each section taut while teasing. “If you try to tease when the hair is loose, you’ll lose the shape,” advises Mustafa.


4. Don’t Rush Through The Top Section

The bottom sections don’t matter as much because they are mostly hidden, but when working on the top sections, try to keep the surface as neat as possible when teasing. The surface of the top sections has to have a really smooth finish.


5. The Very Last Wave Is The Most Important

Why? Because it sits right on top and close to the face. Here’s Mustafa’s technique:

  1. Unclip the wave and pull it back and up, away from the face.
  2. Gently comb out the wave, following the pulsing pattern.
  3. Lift the hair straight up and gently tease at the roots.
  4. Secure the wave pattern with Style Link Volume Fixer, then fan it out so it seamlessly sits with the rest of the style.
  5. Watch how Mustafa does it in the gif below!



6. The Secret To Creating Volume

Want more volume? As each section is gently teased and fanned out, simply have each wave gently lay on top of each other. For a flatter, more together finish, comb each wave at the root and have it blend in with the rest of the hair.


BONUS TIP: Take Photos As You Work

If a certain section turns out really well, pause and snap a few good pics for the ‘gram! That way, you can manipulate the final style to fit what the client wants while also having some post-worthy images that show off your Hollywood waves.


4 Steps To Mustafa’s Hollywood Waves

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