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Last updated: July 31, 2017

Kristin Ess’ Two Favorite Wave Techniques

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If you’re one of celeb stylist Kristin Ess(@kristin_ess) 395,000 Instagram followers, you know she recently started an Insta video series for which she regularly posts quick, easy, kick-ass hair tutorials using her favorite products and tools—and we are here for it.


The goal, Kristin says, is to showcase styles for all lengths and textures that you can give your clients in less than 15 minutes. Um, yes, please?! Here are a few of our early favorites—two techniques for creating perfect modern waves.



Kristin’s Signature Waves



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1. Prep wet/damp hair with KEH Thickening Spray and let it air dry or rough-dry with a blow dryer (don’t round brush or smooth out the hair before you start.)


2. Curl sections away from the face (Kristin likes to use the ghd 1¼-inch Curve). Each section should be about the same size as your iron.


3. Drag the curling iron out on the ends instead of curling.


4. While the hair is still hot, twist once and push the hair back upward with your fingers. After a couple sections, rake your fingers through to break it up. Optional: finish with texture spray or pomade.



Flat Iron Waves


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1. Prep air-dried hair with KEH Instant Lift Thickening Spray, and rough-dry to remove any remaining dampness.


2. Using the ghd 1-inch Classic Styler, create face-framing waves first, then continue waving in alternate directions around the head, as shown. Leave the ends out on bobs and lobs. Tip: Kristin rarely waves the bottom layers of bobs and lobs because it can make them look bulky.


3. Kristin finishes with a fine mist of Evian Mineral Water Spray to break up the waves and give hair a little bit of “good frizz.”


4. Lastly, add a veil of KEH Signature Finishing Spray to add texture and hold.

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