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Last updated: February 03, 2020

Kristin Ess’ Guide To All Things Social Media, Hair & Beauty Inclusivity

Kristin Ess @kristin_ess Target Kristin Ess Hair Talks Social Media Hair Beauty Inclusivity
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Kristin Ess Talks All Things Social Media, Hair & Beauty Inclusivity

Last week was a big week for Kristin Ess. The celebrity stylist—known for working with stars like Lauren Conrad, Lucy Hale and Jenna Dewan—launched 25(!!!!) new products that are the latest additions to her Target-exclusive haircare brand, Kristin Ess Hair.


Joining the lineup are six new curl products, seven core products, three ceramic heat styling tools, a 2-inch curling iron, five in-shower glosses and arguably the one thing her followers are most excited about, French pin sets in three different colors!


Whew! Did you get all that? Between launching new products, shooting and uploading tutorials to her IG page, engaging with followers, oh, and styling major celebs, we recently got the chance to talk to Kristin about everything from hair to social media. Keep scrolling to learn which products she’s most excited about, her best tips for establishing a strong social media presence, how she walks the fine line between pro vs. non pro and SO much more!


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Which Products Kristin Is Excited For (And Which Her Followers Can’t Wait To Get Their Hands On)

With a product range as stacked as Kristin Ess Hair, of course, people want to know which of the newbies Kristin is most excited about. “It’s like asking who’s your favorite child—it’s so hard,” she shared. But when it came down to it, Kristin was able to narrow it down to the curl expansion products. Why? Because she’s catering to the clients with curly and textured hair who feel like their strands can never get enough moisture, a need Kristin acknowledged her line previously failed to meet. “I’m excited about all that stuff but this, really being able to revive a level of moisture that you couldn’t get in my other stuff is exciting to me… It’s so hard to say that’s my favorite but it is because I think it’s really important to service everyone.”


But if you were to ask her 547k Instagram followers which product they’re dying to get their hands on, no doubt it would be the highly-coveted French pin sets. Originally available as part of the holiday kits, fans will now be able to pick up a gold, rose gold or black French pin set year round! “This is definitely the fan favorite…it’s a classic, traditional hairstyling tool but I have just made it accessible but also usable in a way that we put pencils in our hair in junior high,” shared Kristin. “It’s a fancy pencil! It’s a pretty, sparkly, fancy pencil. That’s it. It’s just so simple.”


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The Importance Of Inclusivity

The release of the newest curl products sheds light on how a lack of diversity still remains an issue in 2020, which Kristin considers a double-edged sword because she’s happy more people are being inclusive but she also feels it should be a completely normal thing by now. That’s why her goal from day one of launching the Kristin Ess Hair brand is to eventually create a full-blown routine for every single hair type. “I truly believe that I won’t be done until someone with the tightest, coily, longest, thickest, driest, curly hair can go from pre-shampoo to walking out the door,” Kristin shared.


But don’t think she just tells the lab what product she wants to make next and calls it a day until it’s ready to launch. Kristin is very hands-on in the product making process, even going as far as to attend trichology school in order to better understand scalp care. “I need to be able to speak to the product on a deeper level and if it’s not something that’s a necessity for me, for my own hair or scalp, then I have to understand it a bit more scientifically,” she explained. 


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Building A Strong Social Media Presence

From product teases and helpful hair tutorials to pics of her celeb clientele, one thing’s for sure about Kristin’s IG page: You could probably spot a post of hers without even looking at the handle. That’s because the moody vibe of her feed has helped the entrepreneur to secure a brand that is authentically hers—and she wants to help you find your signature social style. She says the key to establishing a strong presence online is to do research—and lots of it. But don’t just look at other hair pages for inspo. Kristin says her signature vibe was inspired by a girl she followed who photographed food in a dark and moody way. 


Whatever vibe you choose, just don’t directly copy someone else’s page. “Nobody needs a carbon copy of someone else doing something. I think that you really have to find your own way of doing things that look beautiful and inspires you.” shared Kristin. “And that is, I think, so exciting to find your own thing. There’s just so many people that can go out, get a camera, use a preset and copy someone else’s vibe, but really creating something new that is their own, whatever that may be, and finding some kind of signature.


Known For Posting Videos That Show How To Use Her Products, Watch The Below Video To See Kristin Work With The New 2-Inch Curling Iron!

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The Age Old Pro Vs. Non Pro Product Debate

Kristin Ess Hair has gained quite the cult following since it first launched in 2017, with most products selling out shortly after hitting Target shelves. But in an industry where hairstylists are huge on educating clients to avoid non-professional products purchased outside of salons, we had to know how Kristin confidently walks that fine line between pro and non pro.


And while she said she gets amazing support from the hair community, at the end of the day, Kristin is just being real about the situation. “We all know, there’s no world in which you think every client who gets their haircut from you can afford salon level products,” she shared. “There are a lot of people who come into the salon, they want exactly what you use and there’s a place for that. But that doesn’t mean you have to block out the people who are shopping at drugstore because they were probably shopping there before and they’re going to continue to shop there.” That’s part of the reason why Kristin chose to partner exclusively with Target, because she wanted to ensure all clients, no matter financial situation or hair type, could afford high-quality products. 


This One’s For The Dog Lovers

If you’re one of Kristin’s 547k IG followers, then you know she’s not only a fellow dog lover BUT she’s also a huge advocate for Adopt, Don’t Shop. Well, we have a little tea for you: You may see a new furry face on her IG sooner rather than later! When asked if a new pup will be joining George, Olive and Nellie, Kristin shared that Charlie may be joining the pack soon! “I have three small dogs. I need one big dog,” she dished. “So I’m going to meet him next Sunday because he has to lay low until then…listen you guys, we’re going to talk again in five years and I’m going to be sitting on a ranch in Montana with like a hundred dogs.” And honestly, same Kristin. 


Kristin’s adopted pups from L to R: Nellie, Olive and George // Instagram via @kristin_ess

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