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Last updated: November 15, 2018

2 Fast Technique Videos For Insta-Approved Waves

Styling Undone Waves With Hot Tools Pro Marcel Iron Finished Look
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Instagram via @timm.morrison

You know those undone “Instagram” waves that clients keep asking for? We know you do—and we have two fast BTC quickie videos breaking down the technique for long- and short-haired clients. Plus, tips on waving coarse and color-treated hair!


Here’s exactly how LA stylist Tim Morrison (@timm.morrison) creates those perfectly imperfect waves, because even after the prettiest color and freshest cut, your cool-girl clients still need a lived-in end result that enhances movement and texture.  


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Watch: Waving On Short Hair


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Get The Steps

  1. Before starting to wave, assess the texture of your client’s hair. Take smaller sections for heavy hair, and larger sections for finer hair.
  2. Hair length will determine what iron size you should use. In Tim’s quickie video above, his client has shorter hair, so he uses a 1″ Hot Tools Professional Marcel Curling Iron.
  3. When waving, it’s best to work bottom to top and to start in the “sideburn” section around the hairline to help frame the face.
  4. Always alternate the curling direction while moving through the sections—this will create more movement out of the cut.
  5. Always wave the front pieces away from the face.
  6. Apply your favorite product and let the waves cool. Then, break up the waves using your fingers.


Watch: Waving On Long Hair


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Get The Steps

  1. Section the hair off ear to ear so the front is divided from the back. Make sure to keep enough hair in the front section to avoid thin waves along the hairline.
  2. Take your first section in the nape area, remembering that the sections should be about the thickness of the iron, and curl the hair using the 1″ Hot Tools Professional Marcel Curling Iron. Smaller sections will create a more piecey end result, and wider sections will create a softer look.
  3. Alternate the curling direction forward and backward.
  4. When done, break up the waves using your fingers, or a brush for a softer look.
  5. Use your choice of texture spray and apply evenly throughout the hair. With fine hair, Tim typically only sprays the root area to avoid over-saturating.


2 More Waving Tips:

Trouble waving thick, coarse hair? Here’s what Tim suggests:

  • Try twisting the hair consistently, otherwise it bunches up and slides down into that little gap in the iron. Or, try wrapping it around the iron instead of in the clamp.


Trouble with finding the right temp? Here’s what Tim suggests:

  • Know that temperature will vary for every client depending on the hair texture and if the hair is color-treated or not. Tim typically sets his iron anywhere between half power to full power.



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