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Last updated: September 01, 2022

Blonding: 3 Ways to Spot a Bad Level 9

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Seeing Orange? How to Spot A Bad Level 9 Blonde

The key to achieving the perfect platinum? It’s all about the base. Uneven lift, compromised strands and warmth that WON’T go away are common problems when lightening past a Level 8. But if you’re struggling to spot the problem areas don’t stress! Platinum queen and #ONESHOT Winner Maggie Hancock (@maggiemh) is here to help.


Keep reading for Maggie’s three easy ways to spot a bad Level 9 and quick fixes for each! 



1. What to look for: Existing warmth

If you see warmth—so will your clients! “If you see any hints of orange, the hair isn’t ready,” explains Maggie. “A perfect Level 9 is lifted to a very pale yellow, almost like the inside of a banana peel,” she adds. 


Maggie’s fix? Let the hair process a little bit longer (but keep an eye on it!). 


To check a foil, use your finger to gently rub away product in a small area. If the hair needs more time, re-saturate and recover the hair.


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2. What to look for: Banding and/or dark spots

Here’s the thing: a clean, even canvas is KEY to achieving the perfect end result. So if the hair is lifting with bands or dark spots, the final tone will be spotty and uneven. 


“When checking the hair look for transparency,” explains Maggie. “The lift should be even and the section should be processing all at the same time.” 


To fix banding, rinse the hair completely to remove all lightener. Then, strategically place fresh lightener on bands or dark spots. This will protect the rinsed hair from becoming compromised, while giving an extra boost to lift through the bands. 


“You want to see a that baby yellow shade evenly throughout the entire section,” explains Maggie. “That’s how you know the hair is lifted to the perfect Level 9.”


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3. What to look for: Elasticity 

Blasting the hair with a high developer won’t help lift the hair faster. If anything, it can cause serious damage. That’s why Maggie uses BLONDME® from Schwarzkopf Professional


“BLONDEME® is such a powerful lightener, I only need to use a 7-volume developer and I can still achieve the perfect platinum,” she explains. “It’s also formulated with bond-building technology so I don’t have to add anything else to my formula to protect the hair, the lightener already does.”


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