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Last updated: July 14, 2022

Make Blondes Lighter With A Faux Bleach Root

How To Deal With Clients That Never Think They’re Blonde Enough

Do you spend hours applying foils just for your client to say they’re not blonde enough when you’re finished? Have no fear! The days of over-foiling are through thanks to these pro tips from Schwarzkopf Professional artist Maggie Hancock (@maggiemh). For your client that wants to be blonder-than-blonde, learn how to create a natural, highlighted look on a global bleach out. 


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Faux Root Touch-Up: A Healthier Way to Bleach Out Your Clients

1. Start with a detox mask

No matter what service you’re performing, your base is your foundation. That’s why Maggie says she CANNOT live without the Schwarzkopf Professional Detoxifying System Shot. She starts her platinum retouches with this treatment because it removes all impurities from the hair. After this treatment, your client will have the perfect canvas to lift.


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2. Leave out the face frame and mohawk when you begin toning

To start her toning process, Maggie sections off the hair, leaving out the face frame and Mohawk. First, she applies the root formula all over, using mesh to protect the sectioned-off pieces. Next, she does a very small root tap on the face frame and Mohawk, applying Formula A liberally to the ends. Here are Maggie’s formulas: 


  • Formula A (roots): Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME® Toner 50g Biscuit + 10g Milk Chocolate + 7-volume BLONDME® Premium Developer
  • Formula B (mids to ends): BLONDME® Toner Ice + 7-volume BLONDME® Premium Developer (1:1)
Schwarzkopf Live with Maggie Hancock
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3. Work aggressively on wet hair

Why work wet? Maggie does this for two reasons: blend and speed. She says she likes to apply toners on wet hair because it dilutes the formula slightly, making it more gentle. It also helps her work much faster while ensuring blend. On dry hair, there’s more opportunity for harsh lines to show.


Next, Maggie is aggressive with her application because it’s important to work the product into the cuticle; in addition, the forceful application generates a little bit of heat to help everything process evenly.


PRO TIP: Maggie says that speed is key during this process. To make sure you don’t run into any issues when working with multiple types of color, she recommends using a chalk marker to label your bowls!


Schwarzkopf Facebook Live with Maggie Hancock @maggiemh
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