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Last updated: July 13, 2022

The More You Know: Hair Appears Warmer When Wet

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Here’s Why You Should Dry Your Client’s Hair In The Salon

Have you ever seen warmth on your platinum client and almost freaked out until you remembered that the hair was wet? You’re not alone! According to BTC Team Member Chrissy Danielle (@hairbychrissydanielle), hair appears darker AND warmer when wet. Why? Keep scrolling to find out!



Wet Hair Appears Warmer Because…

Your clients ARE seeing warmth in their platinum when the hair is wet, but it’s just a trick of the light. “When our hair absorbs water it doesn’t reflect light the way dry hair does, making it appear less bright and slightly warm,” said Chrissy on her Instagram.


To Avoid Client Complaints, Consider This

Unless the client requests it, stop letting your clients leave with wet hair. Chrissy recommends including a blow-dry in your services so the client can see the finished result and so you can control what products they use to dry their hair.


Platinum clients need extra TLC after a color service. So using reparative products that heal keratin bonds, like K18 Hair’s Professional Molecular Repair Hair Mist and Mask, will help protect the client’s blonde in the salon so they’re not complaining about breakage as well as warmth later on.



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