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Last updated: January 05, 2022

Professional Molecular Repair Hair Mist

K18 Hair Mist
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This pre-service treatment from K18 Hair is the first in the industry to use biomimetic science to heal keratin bonds in the hair. The four-minute treatment is used before chemical services to reverse damage and strengthen hair to create the best possible canvas.


Use this patented, bioactive peptide treatment as the first step in the two-step, in-salon K18 Treatment (with the K18 Mask) to reverse damage in four minutes.


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Manufacturer: K18 Hair, @k18hair

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Professional Molecular Repair Hair Mist

How To Use

  1. Prep hair by lightly misting with water. Do NOT saturate.
  2. Apply K18 Mist section by section.
  3. Wait four minutes. DO NOT rinse.
  4. Apply lightener or color directly on top of K18 Mist.
  5. Process as usual.
  6. Shampoo hair, skip the conditioner. Towel-dry thoroughly.
  7. Apply K18 Mask.
  8. Leave for four minutes before styling. DO NOT rinse out. Style as usual.

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