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Last updated: July 06, 2021

Red Haircolor Browning Out? Try This Wet Balayage Trick

Do This To Correct Browning Out In Your Red Clients

Clients’ red hair keeps turning brown over time? K18 Hair Ambassador Amber Maynard Bolt (@alchemistamber) has a wet balayage solution that you can start doing in the salon TODAY to keep your clients as red as possible! 


Why does red haircolor “brown out”? Here’s why, according to Amber: Red haircolor is often formulated with neutral pigment (unless you’re using pure pigments). Over time, neutral pigment in the hair causes the overall shade to shift from red to brown as it fades out. To combat that, Amber uses wet balayage to place strategic highlights over areas that have been processed with neutral to break up any darkness and brighten the hair.


Want to know more? Keep scrolling to grab her tips, check out the finished look and get her formula! Then watch the full tutorial above for the entire coloring process!


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1. Prep The Hair For Optimal Color Retention

Start every service with the K18 regimen to protect the hair from accumulating damage and prepare it to better accept color. First, Amber sprays K18 Hair Professional Molecular Repair Hair Mist to the hair in sections and follows it up with the K18 Hair Professional Molecular Repair Hair Mask for extra slip so the lightener glides on.


Check Out The Before & After!

close formula



Alfaparf Milano BB Bleach Bleach 7 Tones + 20-volume developer


2. Start At the Hairline & Work Around The Head

The application process for wet balayage is quick, because you don’t want the client to get too light and end up blonde. Start in the front to keep the hairline bright and work your way around the head. 


Pro Tip: Apply lightener with a brush and saturate using your fingers. If you apply too much lightener in one area, simply comb through to diffuse and blend it out. 


3. How To Price Wet Balayage

Amber prefers to charge wet balayage as a mini highlight add-on, since it doesn’t take up a lot of time or use a lot of product. The entire appointment is charged as a double process color with a mini highlight. 


Look At How The Face Frame Pops!


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