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Last updated: March 31, 2023

Molecular Repair Hair Oil

k18 molecular repair hair oil new product launch
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Fighting frizz from within, K18 Hair‘s Molecular Repair Hair Oil is a weightless, silicone-free oil designed for all hair types to strengthen, repair damage and reduce frizz—all while improving shine. This biotech-engineered oil fights frizz differently by addressing damage that causes frizz long-term: Check out the full list of benefits!


  • Immediately reduces frizz and flyaways: Natural oils work on the surface of the hair to smooth the cuticle—without weighing the hair down!
  • Reverses frizz-causing damage: Works at the molecular level to repair damaged hair (which is more susceptible to frizz)
  • Enhances shine and color vibrancy: Nourished, moisturized hair reflects higher shine and boosts color dimension
  • Delivers heat protection up to 450°F (232°C): Powered by avocado oil, this will further prevent frizz-causing damage


And guess what? Some of your industry faves are excited about the launch!

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Check out the stunning results:

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